Why do I feel this way?

Dear Friend 


How are you feeling today?

Good? Down?

If you want a quick fix, don’t continue reading this.

If you want everlasting change, keep going down the page.


Looking around you, seeing nice things, thinking if you had it, it would make you feel better?

Looking to the left, looking to the right. Yearning for something new, for something exciting.

Many enticing things around you, yet in the midst of it all is your HEART. It goes everywhere with you. You’re stuck with it. Can you live with it?

Depends on what’s inside of it… Discontentment or peaceful thankfulness?


STOP! Take a life-changing moment!

I am putting a MIRROR in front of your lovely face. I am inviting you to look into it.

What do you see?

Then close your eyes and ask God to show you what He sees.

Compare the two answers.

What is the correct picture? His or yours? Do they align with one another? Who is lying?


God’s Word is pure. It’s not in His character to tell a lie. (Num 23 v 19) Start believing this!

This is what He says of you. It is written. It is a fact:


You are of value and worth in His eyes.

Mal 3 v 17    :       You are His jewel.

Isa 43 v 4     :        You are precious in His sight and honored


You do belong to God your Creator and heavenly Father.

Rom 14 v 8   :     Whether you live or die you belong to God the Father.

Isa 43 v 1      :     He’s called you by your name – you are His own.

1 Cor 6 v 19  :     Your body is a temple of the holy Spirit Who lives within you, Whom you have received from God. You are not your own.


You are competent because you’re made in His image. You have His DNA.

Jn 7 v 21     :       “That they may all be one, as You, Father, are in Me and I in You, that they also may be one in Us.”

1 Jn 4 v 17  :       As He is so are we in this world.

Gen 1 v 26  :       And God said : “Let us make man in Our image..”


Why not make this truth your Self-Value Truth Confession TODAY?


Love in Him