02 March 2017

Dear Friend


Have you ever thought of what the word ‘fulfilment’ means ?  The word ‘fulfilment’ means ‘execution, to be complete.’ Have you ever thought about what would make you feel fulfilled ?

There was a time in my life that God told me, “Don’t find your identity in your job, but find your identity in Me and that will determine what you do.” How many people find themselves in a job they seem to hate ? How many people seek quick-fixes in life ? As soon as pressure starts creeping in they jump the ship. We see this in marriages. We see this in relationships. We see this in jobs. And so many find themselves moving from place to place seeking in vain for that job or relationship that will make them feel fulfilled. And if they cannot get out of their situation, they succumb to the temptations of the enemy – all in an attempt to get away from whatever it is that is stealing their joy, from whatever it is that is causing stress in their lives. Our choices however impact the direction we move in. We can either turn into the right or the wrong direction. What also now suddenly comes to mind is the old saying of, “You don’t know what you’ve got ‘till it’s gone.”

My prayer for you today is based on Isaiah 30 v 21, “And your ears will hear a word behind you saying, this is the way; walk in it, when you turn to the right hand and when you turn to the left.”



I start by directing you towards the Manufacturer of mankind, yes the one and only Yahweh.

Think about the following :

When an item is manufactured it is made for a specific purpose. The intention of the Manufacturer was to produce something that can function effectively for a precise reason. A manufacturer also labels his product. He stamps it with a specific unique emblem. In Isaiah 43 God calls His product “Mine.” He says, “You are not your own” (1 Cor 6 v 19).  Paul said, “None of us lives to himself, and none of us dies to himself, so if we live we live to the Lord and if we die we die to the Lord. So then, whether we live or we die, we belong to the Lord.” (Rom 14 v 7,8). Most people don’t feel fulfilled because they don’t know what their purpose is. And sadly some of us do know and yet we don’t live it.

Feelings of fulfilment come when we are being real. When we are as God intended us to be, it is not by being what life has negatively shaped us to be. So, find out what you are meant to be. We were born with gifts we got for free, called Redemptive Gifts (Rom 12 v 6-8). If we then are the manufactured product of the great Manufacturer we should be using these gifts to His glory and for the purpose the Manufacturer intended it for, not so ? Yet we are side-tracked by the troubles and ways of the world, we lose focus of the Manufacturer as well as the reason why we have been manufactured in the first place. If we know what our gifts are, why then do I still find so many people not applying these gifts in their lives? They have found this treasure yet neglect to cherish and use it for the greater good. And then people wonder why they feel unfulfilled.

If your strongest gift is exhorter and you are in the flesh, you will most probably be scolding instead of uplifting people. You might be talking too much about superficial things instead of speaking about the hope found in God. If your purpose is to be merciful and you are in the flesh you will be incompassionate. If you are meant to be a giver and you are in the flesh, you would be stingy and disobedient. If you are meant to teach and you are in the flesh you might not be busy teaching or be keeping teachings to yourself. You might be lazy when you are meant to be a servant and you might be a false prophet when you are meant to direct people towards God. You might hide when you are meant to be a ruler.

When are you in the flesh? When you have a “what’s in it for me” attitude instead of ‘What can I do for Thee ?”  We have been given gifts to SERVE ONE ANOTHER, the focus being away from ourselves and busy doing things unto the Lord.

Don’t find your identity in your job. The job or title does not determine who you are, but your character does. It’s the type of character people have that either have a positive or negative influence on other people and even our colleagues at work. The people who we work with determine the morale at work. People are remembered by their character.



God showed me that the type of environment He places us to work in, is a clue of what He is trying to tell us in terms of our calling and what lessons He wants us to learn regarding conforming to His character. God chooses a particular working environment in which He wants to teach us specific Christlike character traits. For instance, in the Oil Industry He could be trying to teach you to move in His Spirit and with His anointing. In the motor industry He could be trying to teach you that you need to minister to people in ministry, because a vehicle signifies ministry. In the IT environment He could be trying to teach you revelation knowledge. In the electric environment He could be trying to tell you to get empowered by Him. In the plumbing environment He could be telling you to clean your own house (sin in your life). In the Hospitality environment He could be trying to teach you to be a servant. In a Marketing environment He will test whether you are greedy and do things for “what’s in it for me” or doing things for Him ? If your workplace is at home He might be telling you that your calling is to nurture, and or to teach and pray for the family on matters of Godly foundations.

If it took Jesus 30 years of preparation for a 3 year ministry, what makes us think that our lives would be any different ? Our job environment is the training field for the execution of our calling. And even if we are moving from job to job, we are to take note of the lessons we are to learn in each of these environments.



Your job does not determine who you are, your character does.

It’s not WHAT type of job we do, it’s WHO we are in the job that we do. True success is always about character first before having many assets. If it was assets, why are so many of the worldly rich always on the lookout for more and more and more ? Could it be that they are experiencing discontentment and non-fulfilment deep within their own hearts ? Their actions seem to shout out, “If only I had so much then I’d feel better.” Take away all their assets, and you quickly see how they cringe. Why, because they tried to find their identity in that what can be lost.  Godly character can never be lost.

Identify and apply your strongest 3 redemptive gifts. See it as a spear-head that is aimed towards fulfilment. The same with the 5 fold ministry gifts (Eph 4) and the Manifestation gifts (1 Cor 12). When we allow thoughts that entertain the flesh to enter into our minds, we focus on SELF instead of on our CREATOR. The Creator determines what we need to be in life. However when we divert our focus away from Him towards ourselves, we start looking around us and start to compare with our ungodly colleagues or worldly people. We then allow ourselves to be influenced by their ways. Consequently our eyes look away from being who God created us to be and that’s when we start to struggle. INTIMACY is the glue between you and your Creator Father. Neglect it and you will experience feelings of unlovingness within your own mind. And that’s when we start believing lies and find it difficult to discern between what is priority and that what is not important in life. Satan ankle-taps many with the need for self-satisfaction, while God intended for us to focus away from our own needs and greed towards pleasing Him in all that we are and do in life.



I want to urge you to know and meditate on Eph 4 v 11, 12,13. God’s intention was the perfecting and full equipping of the saints so that they can minister and build up the body of Christ. God’s heart is for us to develop to maturity as seen in the example and standard which His Son has set for us. We find fulfilment by finding completeness in Him, by conforming to His character and executing it there where He has placed us in life. It’s because we don’t know His character and purpose through us, that we lose sight of the greater vision.  And finally – Life is not about what we have. It’s about who we are.


Love in Him