Dear Friend


Someone once said, “Don’t impress, rather express”. The word “express” caught my heart and made me write this message of today. It made me think about the question, “What am I expressing today? What have I been expressing in the past and what will I express tomorrow?”

How few of us express words that uplift. We are aware of many problems in the world and very few express words that bring life. It’s destruction around us and it’s destruction that come out of our mouths. Life pressures change people into rude and insensitive beings. We see this at various workplace environments in our society, not even to talk about what happens in our own homes.

What am I expressing in my prayers, towards my family, towards friends and towards colleagues? Am I complaining, cursing or am I proclaiming life?

When last have you expressed your appreciation of certain things to your beloveds, your friends and even colleagues? What’s inside of you will determine what comes out of you. If you feel bad about yourself and have a low self-value, chances are that you’ll find it difficult to express words of life and appreciation towards others. When your own heart is hurt chances are that your eye will also be hurt – your vision of others will be negatively affected.

There’s a saying, “You don’t know what you’ve got ‘till it’s gone”. Have you ever thought of this? Meditate on it for a while. Think about what you do have and who you have in your life. Today they are with you, but tomorrow they might be gone. Never have regrets. Say what you want and need to say today.

What do you express – life or death? What do you even express over your own life?

Today I want to urge you as well as myself to SPEAK LIFE all the time!


Where do we start?

  • SUBMIT our own heart and mind unto God. Repent of a wrong heart attitude.
  • Sing, “I SURRENDER all. I surrender all. I surrender all to Jesus, I surrender all.”
  • Declare that God is far GREATER than any problem that looks like a mountain to us.

We are only able to glorify God when we know the written Word, when we know His names that describe His character. Get to know them.

  • Follow Phil 4 – specifically verse 6

Don’t be anxious about anything. In all circumstances

1)  Pray

2)  Give thanks to God

3)  Make your wants known to Him and

4)  The peace of the Lord shall be with you.


What are we to do every time?

  • Speak life over ourselves and over others. Every time.

Proclaim (call forth) for our own character to align with the character of Christ. Do the same towards those around us.


May God help us all to conform and be perfected to His image.

Love in Him