Dear Friend


As I lay waiting on the Lord in the early morning hours during the month of September, I heard the word “Waker Quaker”. Having no clue as to what it meant I looked up the word “quaker” and I discovered that it referred to a Quaker gun, which is a cannon. The word ‘quaker’ comes from the word ‘earthquake’, which is a tremor that comes from inside the earth.


I asked God what He was trying to say. I heard the words “deep call unto deep” (Ps 42). Then I knew. Call Him with a yearning heart. Call Him from deep within you. Seek until you see His face. Ask Him to reveal Himself to you. When you behold Him, meaning ‘to look with intention’, something dies first – it is called ‘self’ – and then you continue to allow Him Who is alive within you, to come forth. Unless we look away from self we cannot enter into that very deep place of God’s presence. We cannot walk out boldly with His presence unless we’ve humbly yet boldly first entered into His presence. Our flesh must make way for His Spirit. Flesh comes in the way when our eyes are on self, even when our eyes are on others.


                                            What are your eyes looking at? What are your thoughts thinking of?


Let us get to that place within our own heart and mind where the eyes of our own heart see Him. Let our heart link to His heart. Let it become one, for the road to walking in victory and His resurrection power is through our own heart (Ps 84 v 5).  How does my heart link to His? The key lies in how much we surrender unto Him, to ask Him to see what He sees, to think what He thinks, to have the same heart as He has (1 Cor 12 v 16). May God truly help us to lose ourselves in Him.


We live in a time where I believe God is telling us the time has come for the quaker gun, the cannon, the earthquake which is His powerful presence within us, to be made manifest through our lives. An earthquake is felt, a cannon is heard. They are visible and audible. It rumbles. It shakes. It destroys, depending in what direction the cannon ball or earthquake is moving. They both move in specific directions.


September 2017 has been recorded as the strongest hurricane month in history. It was the most energetic month for hurricanes ever, leaving thousands of people devastated and heartbroken. What is the difference between an earthquake and a hurricane you might ask?  Hurricanes are tremendously strong winds with heavy rainfalls and tropical storms. Earthquakes are sudden rapid shakings of the earth, caused by the breaking and shifting of rock deep under the ground (landslides) causing gas leaks and fires, and can also be the cause of tsunamis (earthquake on ocean floor causing huge waves). Although hurricanes and earthquakes are not caused in the same way, they both cause disaster and great tragedy. A disaster brings trauma and great heartbreak to mankind.


Thinking about the words “waker quaker” again, I wonder to what point we’ve experienced a broken heart? Are we broken enough? Is my own will and fleshly desires still prominent in my life? To what extent have I surrendered unto the Lord? Am I awake or am I slumbering? Am I in touch with the signs of the times or am I only focusing on my own little world and needs? Can something good come out of disaster? I truly believe so, because bottom-line a disaster is a wake-up call!


It is time to wake up. Wake up ye who slumber! The time has come to not give unnecessary sleep to our eyes nor slumber to our eyelids (Prov 6 v 4). Let us dwell in His presence so that His powerful presence can dwell within us. Go be that ‘quaker’ out in the world where He has placed you. Go be that powerful voice, that powerful shaker through whom God (Yahweh) can bring godly and eternal change for the good, never the bad. Go be a wake-up call to those who are still sleeping!


Love in Him