Victory after the climb

What’s your heart attitude when life is tough? Do you seek answers until you find them or do you give up hope?

This ministry is all about HEART and to help you conform to the victorious Kingdom Heart of Yeshua the Messiah. The highway to victory is through your own heart. Living a victorious lifestyle is to walk in the authority of God and the victory of Christ. This is only possible when you conform and align your heart to the nature of the Victor of all victors. Address life and its issues from a victorious point of view!

Who needs this? Everybody!

    • All believers who want to spiritually mature and conform to the image of Yeshua.

    • New generation believers and emerging leaders.

    • All believers in various spheres of society – family, education, religion, business, government,

           media, celebration (arts &  entertainment, sport).

    • Intercessors.

God gave us His Son to see what we should look like. We are called to walk in His resurrection power, which is far more than just salvation. Want to see society transformed? Then start from the inside out – not the other way round!