The wine or the wineskin?

Dear Friend


Is it about the wine or the wineskin?

As we all only know in part, may God’s Spirit increase our understanding and insight.


                                                 The Father the Vinedresser.

                                                      Jesus Christ the Vine.

                                              We the branches produce grapes.

                                                  The Vinedresser prunes us.

                                                     The grapes become ripe.

                                               They’re picked. They’re crushed.

                                                Out of it comes juice, then wine.

                                              A process of cultivation, maturing.

                                       Increasing the quality, the higher its value

                                                           The wine is bottled.

                                  An appreciative wine drinker has acquired the taste.

                                                    He’s willing to pay the price.


                                                     Stop and think about this…

Why can’t we pour new wine into old wineskins? (Mt 9 v 17). Old skins become thin with age. They’ve been stretched to the limit and become brittle. The old skin will burst and not only is the wineskin ruined, the wine will be lost too (Mrk 2 v 22). New wineskins are able to stretch (flexible) but old ones can’t anymore. My point being, the wine and wineskin must work together effectively.

                                The purpose of the wineskin is to hold the wine inside.

                                    Without the wine the wineskin will have no purpose.

                                                 The one can’t be without the other.


 I ask God, “Is the real focus on the wineskins or on the wine?”

                                    We are the wine carriers. Within us is the wine.

                                  The wine and wineskin go together. They are one.


What is this wine inside of us?

God is indirectly saying to us, “be ready to receive new knowledge and revelation to a far greater extent than before.” If we’re not ready to receive a greater amount of wisdom and revelation from God, we won’t be able to be effective wine carriers. The question is, are we ready to carry the weightier things in life? The things of substance received from God? Is my mind open to say,” God, fill me with fresh wine (revelation, understanding and Your character)?”

                           Am I open to new word, direction and instructions from God?

                                  Am I flexible when God changes the game plan?


Many are still functioning with old messages from God, but what is He saying to you TODAY? New means, never heard before.

                            Wine is not only stored in the skin, it’s also poured from it.

                                         Pouring from ourselves for others to drink

                                          requires a continuous filling of new wine.

                                        If it’s fresh coming in it’ll be fresh going out.

                                       Are you filling your wineskin with fresh wine?

                                   The wine is the reason for the need of a wineskin

                             The Source within me. Him within me, not me within Him.


What is pouring out of us?

Acts 2 v 17 – “And it shall come to pass in the last days, God declares, that I will pour out of My Spirit upon all mankind, and your sons and daughter shall prophesy and your men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream.”

Why did the wedding guests at Canaan say to Jesus, the wine poured last was the best? (Jn 2 v 10). Now more than ever, we live in a time where God wants to give His best. Divine secrets, power and gifts. The wine at the wedding was super-naturally provided by Jesus. Unless you have positioned yourself within your own heart to receive fresh anointing, revelation and direction from God, you’ll stand the change of losing this most valuable treasure. You’d be like an old wineskin that has burst.   


             Have you told God that you allow Him to work supernaturally in and through you?


If your answer is “yes”, then you’ve got to start telling God that He may do what He wants to do through you and not what you’d like Him to do. Let us get ourselves out of the way!

Wine is cultivated behind closed doors. Want to receive the best wine within your wineskin? Go set yourself apart! Go into your most private room for it is there where you will find the best wine.  Don’t let us find ourselves to be old or even empty wineskins…

Meditate on this.


Love in Him