Dear Friend


All of us are on route to somewhere. Some feel they could never find the right track. Others regret the track they took. Others wonder which track to take and others are exactly on track. Which one are you?



Some avoid making a choice because of fear of making a mistake. Others delay. They procrastinate. What could the reason be? FEAR? Lack of VISION? Not knowing their purpose/CALLING? Not trusting God? 


We don’t find answers unless we ask questions.

Do you ask of the Heavenly Father? Can you hear His voice?

Do you wait for Him to answer you or do you rush off impatiently feeling rejected?


Sometimes we expect from God to ring a loud bell indicating His ‘yes’ or ‘no’, yet I believe there are times He gives us the option to make our own choices. Sometimes we worry too much about the small detail of things, too afraid to move, when God Himself looks at the bigger picture and end-result. Does it really matter to the Lord at which company we work?  Or what car we must buy? Is it not about who we are at the place we work, rather than the job itself? Should we not be careful, to NOT try and find our identity in the position we fulfil, instead of finding our identity in our character? Surely His heart is that we conform to His nature, no matter where we are placed on earth. (We read this in Ephesians 5 v 1, “Be imitators of God…” and 1 John 3 v 10, “…take their nature from God…”.)


Don’t get me wrong – don’t settle for any job, but know that in most cases your first job is not your final job! Of course you must go look for that place where you feel most at home, that place of destiny. However, don’t be discouraged by the track you need to follow before you arrive at your destination. As we pray for His guidance as we move along, step by step, and even at times having to take a leap of faith, we can be assured that He is right in front of us and next to us. Doors that are not meant for us He will surely close. As we then gradually discover our identity, by conforming to the character of Yeshua the Messiah, we will know when we have arrived at the place God has destined for us.  


CHOOSE where you’d like to be! Ask God to take you there. The foot is on your own body – lift it! Every bit of experience you obtain along the way, in all those so called frustrating jobs, nothing has been in vain if you’ve gone about doing things prayerfully. Sometimes being placed where you are in the marketplace, might not make sense to you, but God is on track with you – that’s if you’ve allowed Him to lead you. Leading is exactly what it is – one foot before the other – and yet we expect to “arrive” even before we’re able to share testimonies of what we’ve experienced along the way. Don’t determine where you want to be, based on where you are currently. Where you want to be, is based on that dream within your heart. Follow it!



Our gifts are an indication of what we are good at.  We’re good at it because God gave it to us. Use it! Be busy with your gifts out there. The passion and burning within your own heart and your gifts must take hands. Have a closer look at Romans 8 verses 6 to 8 for instance. Draw an arrow on a piece of paper (you are that arrow to hit the ‘target’ /goal). Identify your 3 strongest gifts and place them at the spear-point and side-points. No matter where you are placed in life, stay busy by allowing these gifts to manifest through your life. If you for example, are a merciful and teaching exhorter, go be just that out there! By using these gifts you are exercising the character of Christ and in doing so, you start to feel fulfillment whilst still on route towards your final destination.


Life’s journey is a platform for many testimonies. Be a testimony to your destiny!



Love in Him