What do people say?

“The Kingdom Heart blueprint opens up a total new way of experiencing God’s love for us. Through studying and actually experiencing the Kingdom Heart keys in my daily life, I gained far more knowledge on the Father’s Heart and His love for us. Through Kingdom Heart, God gave me direction what to do and what to expect on my own life journey.

The three most important things Kingdom Heart taught me, was firstly, that God believes in us no matter what ! He sees our potential when all we may see is darkness and confusion. Secondly, He guides us through every desert we go through, because He wants to take the gem in the rough and create a precious jewel out of it – how long the process takes is entirely up to us. Our obedience, commitment and faithfulness towards Him will either prolong or shorten the desert experience. Thirdly, the guide lines (keys) in Kingdom Heart, helped me determine and understand what God was trying to teach me, helping me to make a fast recovery from any crisis or challenge I was facing at any given time.”

JJ de Vry, Close Protection & Entrepreneur


“At the time I found the Kingdom Heart blueprint for my life – or I should rather say it found me – my life felt like a very high mountain where I kept trying to climb, without ever coming near the top, only to find that I climb 10 steps and slide 20 steps back every day. It felt like I’d never reach the top of my mountain. Then came Kingdom Heart and it sized my mountain into 12 steps, each with a key on how to climb and overcome. Every time I fall and slide back, I find a step to sit on in order to find myself, to recover, and to rebuild my strength before I get up and climb again.

My life with my King has become a reachable road up the mountain, where I’ve found that I’m not alone. I’ve become stronger in Him as I’ve found the keys for the steps to rebuild my heart to conform to the heart of my King. The most natural thing for me now, is to use the Kingdom Heart keys every day in my work as intercessor, and to prophetically speak and call forth change and transformation in the hearts, of first my friends, and then also in the hearts of leaders and business leaders on all levels. Using the Kingdom Heart keys has become possible to do just that. My life will never be the same with these Kingdom Heart keys – everyday !”

MP de Villiers, Prophetic Intercessor


“As believers we all at one time or another during our walk with Christ, have found ourselves in a spiritual wilderness of what Abba expects from us. Abba has through practical revelation to Rishon shown how to discover His heart, which is already within each believer. This vital discovery really shifted my focus from trying to actively control the will of the Father, to realizing that He is really living within me, and that I am merely a conduit to His already perfect purpose and will within me.”

JG de Beer, Legal Advisor


“I found the Kingdom Heart experience to be a great eye-opener to the Father’s true heart. The real witness was Rishon and her beautiful love for Jesus and passion for the Kingdom.”

A de Beer, Photographer


“To get to know the heart of God, as manifested through His Son our King, is to discover the secret of life. It is to know that you belong and that you are loved by Him Who will never leave or forsake you, knowing that He holds you in His hand, and that He guides and leads you in the direction which He has chosen for you.”

H Snyman, Credit Manager Business Banking


“Choosing to participate in Kingdom Heart has been the best decision I have made to date. I was happy to lose all my personal insecurities and ecstatic to gain an interstellar of knowledge and wisdom about the Heart that is FOR me – the heart of my Father, Yahweh. Kingdom Heart has revealed more to me than I could ever fathom or ask for. In addition to becoming prosperous in the knowledge of Christ’s love, I have accelerated in faith and I have experienced radical transformation and elevation. With every meeting, Kingdom Heart has allowed me to examine myself through the eyes of the One who created me with beautiful flaws and precision. I was more than willing to give permission to the Surgeon to perform a heart transplant in pursuit of the original me. The success of the operation was colossal, and therefore I am now equipped to live Kingdom Heart. The excitement of continuous growth and the opportunity to serve others, is what I call a rich lifestyle.

I am exceedingly blessed to have encountered this generous gift which serves as a blueprint of the Father’s heart. I am filled with tremendous gratitude for having discovered the purpose of my calling at an age such as this (22). Thanks to Kingdom Heart I will never be detached from the will of the Father. I will never be in the dark about who I am destined to be because His light never fades. Thank You, Father, for welcoming me into Your Kingdom and into Your heart.”

Mark Zion, Founder & Editorial Director, Kréhon