Take up your rod

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What God will do to get your attention…


Dear Friend


Do you feel stuck in mire clay?  Has God stopped your expected play-out of plans? Do you feel a pressure on you that just doesn’t seem to go away? A pressure that you cannot quite define and put your exact finger on, a feeling of heaviness, maybe even sadness? I know I am not the only one feeling this way at the moment, and one thing I DO know – it is the doing of God. It is Him! Not to underestimate the opposition in the spiritual realm of course. It is HE who is calling, He who is prompting, He who is nudging us, until we heed. It is He who says, “Stand still so that I can anchor you in Me.”


God will go to any means to get our attention. He put me in a situation recently where I found myself forced to assist someone. There was no way out for me. I had to drive a patient over quite a distance whilst my own car was giving car problems. I had to drive 30km with the fuel gage on red, and with a faulty clutch and sparkplugs. I complained to God about this and His answer was, “It’s not about you.” He added by saying that He was using the car to speak to me, to teach me some valuable lessons. Well, here it is – a snippet of my story. May it encourage you.


This message is deep, something to meditate on for a long while. God gives us clues and we must make sure we are open-hearted enough to see what He wants to show us, so that our heart may be eternally changed for what is to come in this new era. We need to get ready and the only way forward is to be pressurised by God, so that we can henceforth start looking and thinking like He does.


God cornered me to look closely to what He was trying to tell me through the faulty clutch. The clutch works as follows: The Master cylinder puts pressure on the concentric Slave cylinder, to extend the rod to disengage the clutch. Yip, exactly that! God is the Master who puts pressure on us, the slave (the humble), so that we can use the rod of authority to release something in the spirit. I wondered about the meaning of the word ‘concentric’ and discovered that it refers to ‘circles having a common centre’, it is also called the ‘arc’. And this is exactly where the main message lies.


In Hebrew 9:4 we read about the ark (chest) which contained 1) the golden jar which held the manna, 2) the rod of Aaron, and 3) the two slabs bearing the ten commandmends. On top was the covering called the mercy seat. Now look at this: God is trying it say to us, the ark represents His presence. The manna (jar) represents His provision. The rod of Aaron represents authority and the buds on the rod a sign of a miracle, a sign of the super-natural, of something dead that came alive – like Yeshua who died and who was resurrected.  It is also a remembrance to us not to murmer in hard times. The slabs represent His agreement (covenant) with us, that we are one with Him. The mercy seat represents His protection (covering) over us.


So in short, the main message here is, when we are in His PRESENCE, we have His PROVISION, His AUTHORITY and RESURRECTED POWER within us, we are ONE with Him and work TOGETHER with Him, plus we have His PROTECTION.  Is this not fantastic? What more can we ask for?


And my sparkplugs? God closed all doors for repairs, except for taking me to one handpicked man who replaced them for me. Guess what his name was? Aaron. Is God alive or what! A clutch works well when the gearlever is not forced. Thus, let us take up this rod of authority with a serving and humble heart, yet with boldness, which is to have confidence and be sure-footed. Get plugged into God for new spark for that what is to come. Walk in the resurrection power of Christ our Messiah. Identify with Him who was the lamb Who became the lion…



What is required from us? Get into His presence. Move with His presence. How do we do that?

It is called “spending quality time with Him” – focusing on Him in your private time, through song, in prayer, and or having a conversation with Him. Take hands with partners who do the same. Moving away from God leaves us without provision, a lack of authority, left alone without His help and without protection. How bad can that be? Pretty bad I would say.


Climb into the ark and take up the rod of authority. “Open your mouth and eat what God gives you” (Ezek 2:8) to go release what He has instructed you to do. May this painful pressure push us to use our rod to release His super-natural power. May we, as Moses and Aaron did, go lead people out of captivity.


Love in Him