T-Junction Stop

Dear Friend and Stranger



These are the words that come up strongly in my mind this month. 2018 Showed me that life is shorter than what we think. Younger people losing their lives. People our own age. A wake-up call!

Are you willing to cut all that what is sapping the life out of you? Why not make the choice to focus on things that are good for you? Yes, I know, life is not that simple and we can’t always choose what happens to us. However, we do have the choice to draw a line, to speak up, to be bold. People respect people who are assertive. It’s not what you say, but how you say it that makes the difference.

Most often we find ourselves complaining non-stop about our situation and yet we do nothing to change it.

Working as an employee can make us feel trapped at times, however it depends on us whether we are abused or over-powered by others. Why are we so scared of saying, “No”? Why are we scared of negotiating and coming up with alternative solutions or working methods? Why is man so scared of man? If you love God first, then surely He is your Partner sitting right next to you in your workplace? And if you ask your most loyal Partner for wisdom and advice on how to make changes, then I can assure you He will surely do just that. We serve a God, Yahweh, Who is sovereign above all people, even controlling entities. His Spirit searches and tests hearts and makes people change their minds for the better (Rev 3 v 23). I can testify to that!

So, when you’re stuck, although continuing to drive yourself forward in a frenzy, without realizing that you’ve actually reached the T-junction a long a time ago, STAND STILL and set yourself ASIDE.  TODAY!

Climb into your own head and think :


  • What am I busy with now?
  • Clearly identify the problem areas and how it affects my well-being.
  • Have I taken on or given myself responsibility of doing things that were not supposed to be my responsibility? Am I labouring where I should not be labouring?


  • What is truly important to spend my time on? Does it have eternal value?
  • Identify time-stealers and eliminate them – communicate my decision and needs effectively to others
  • Time-management – stick to my plan. Teach people to respect my time.
  • Delegate or appoint others – empower people


  • In what direction am I looking? Side-ways to people? Or upwards to God for help?
  • Get over past mistakes. Don’t look back. Life-lessons teach me to make wiser choices.
  • Work smarter not harder.


That’s all for this month folks!


Love in Him

Rishon Napthali