August 2015

Dear Friends

Today I’m taken back in memory to 1996, the year that my husband died. I’m reminded of the miracle that took place shortly before he died, when I praised God for everything in him that caused me pain. I thanked God for his drinking habit, his condescending way of talking to me, and his lack of spiritual growth.  God’s divine intervention was proven when suddenly, after I had continuously praised God for two months, noticed that my husband turned the page! This was the result of applying the praise message in Merlin Carothers’ book, Power in Praise, so I am prompted to share extracts from his book with you today :

Are you in a situation that causes you pain ?

Do you, or your son, daughter, spouse or a friend struggle with a problem ? eg. addictions, alcoholism, financial constraint, job dissatisfaction, colleague strife or whatever else

 Have you ever thought of praying in this manner ?

“Dear God, I know you love me/person’s name even more than I do. I’m going to trust that You’re working out in my/his/her life what you know is best for me/him/her.  So, I praise and thank you for the situation. I know You are in control and that You will work it out together for good for those who love You (Rom 8 v 28).

In his book Carothers testifies to many changed circumstances because of praising God. Let’s have faith in God’s supreme power to change any circumstance !  

Praising God should not be a once-off thing, it should be a way of life.

Praise God not for what we expect will happen, but praise Him for what He is and where and how we are right now. Changes happen as a result of praise, changes should not the motivation for praise, in other words, it’s not a bargaining position.  We don’t say, “I’ll praise you so that You can bless me Lord.”

Praise is to delight yourself in Him, “Be delighted with the Lord, then He will give you all your heart’s desire.” (Ps 37 v 4). We don’t make a list of all our heart’s desires and then delight ourselves in the Lord.  It’s to delight in Him and everything else become secondary. God knows what is best for you or for him or her you are praying for.

The turning point of our circumstances can only come once we praise God for the situation, instead of crying for God to take it away.

Have you ever thought that every problem you have could be a gift to bring you to a place where you are right now?

God cannot move us to the next step of his plan until we joyfully accept our present situation as part of that plan.

A changed attitude brings about changed circumstances.  When you stop complaining and start smiling, you feel different, others treat you differently and your whole life can undergo a dramatic change for the better.  But praising is more than changing an attitude. There is no power in our attitude of thankfulness – the power comes from God. We cannot manipulate or change a situation simply by reciting a certain form of prayer. Sincerely accept and thank God for the situation. He is in the midst of that circumstance and a super-natural divine force is released into that situation. Sincere prayers opens a door for God’s power to move in our/their lives.  Everything that has happened in your life so far has served to bring you to this very point.  God’s power and presence is near when you praise Him (Ps 22 v 3) .  

Try thanking God for everything – what could you lose ?

Love in Him