Stop when you hear Me

And your ears will hear a word behind you, saying, This is the way; walk in it; when you turn to the right hand and when you turn to the left (Isa 30:21).


You hear Me and yet you doubt, says the Lord. You’ve asked and I have answered and yet you do not embrace My word of answer to you. You have called and I have indeed answered. I answer in my own way and for you to look deeper to find and to understand. Sadly most of you do not wait, do not stop, do not delve, do not think deep. You want quick fixes.

I am God of eternity, everything I am and what I do has eternal value. How can something superficial have eternal value and yet this is what you seek. Go deeper, delve within My chambers, My Corner of Intimacy and there you shall find the treasure you are seeking. All the answers lie with Me.

Behold, behold for I have come to gather the sheep, the meek, the humble who depend on Me wholeheartedly for everything. I give a cry, yet where are you? You ask for direction and I give you only one word, a clue to point towards the direction you should take, yet you doubt and later forget what I said – you expected more of Me. You then throw the word I gave to the wayside, diminishing its value.

Other times I answer in a sentence, through a scripture, through a nudge on your shoulder, a pang in your heart, yet you do not stop. You don’t think deeper. You do not wait for it to germinate within your own mind and heart. You rush off to places to the side, looking to your left and looking to your right, lending out your ear to man instead of listening to Me. If I do send you to someone, heed to that, although it may not make sense to you at first. You will get your answer once you’ve taken that step of obedience and in faith. My goodwill is there for you to receive. My Hand is open to join yours wherever you tread.

I have provided man with the ability to not only hear Me, but to listen to Me, yet in vain. You have asked of Me many a thing – directions for choices you need to make. I have answered and sometimes I don’t, hoping you would heed to the common sense which I’ve already deposited within you. I will nudge you into a direction, but it’s up to you to take that first step towards that direction. Take step one and I will take the rest of the steps with you. Why fear to move forward when I am so near?  Have faith in what I have told you, follow your heart for I am already inside your heart. Listen to it.

You cried for help and I answered. I saw you heard Me, yet sadly you did not APPLY what I gave you. You ran to and fro seeking better answers in vain, for I know it all. Now, when you hear My voice, stop, heed to it, obey it. Obedience will lead you to My favour and reward.



Love in Him