Selfish or selfless…the well within

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Dear Friend


Today I want to write about a sensitive issue – an issue close to my heart.

Why do people find it so difficult to extend their reach and vision beyond themselves? What is  it that keeps their eyes on themselves?

Selfishness brings so much sadness in the world and yet mankind find it so difficult to let go.

Deeply rooted pain is the ro

ot of selfishness, but pain also has the power to bring people to a place of selflessness.  

Read this again. It is a choice.

I believe in the saying, “You don’t know what you’ve got ‘till it’s gone.” How easy it is to take one another for granted. Please don’t. Every moment is an unique moment. There are no two exact moments in life. Yesterday’s moment with a loved-one is not the same moment as today and also not tomorrow. Even if you follow the same routine today as yesterday, today’s moment with someone is not the exact same. And if someone today reminds you of someone who has caused you pain in the past, that someone is NOT the same as the one of the past. Our Creator God has given us the choice to live life with zest and enthusiasm or to live life as the dead.

Our mind is powerful and our eyes see life the way we are inside of ourselves.

If only we knew that true life is not determined by what happens around us or even by what has happened to us in the past. True LIFE is an internal lifegiving well. It is a well that springs forth pure waters that refresh others around us…or maybe not.

What keeps people from living life with this zest and enthusiasm? The answer lies in that what is inside of the well – YOUR well. What is inside of the well determines what comes out of you. Long stagnated water has the ability to draw bacteria causing the water to be undrinkable. It does not taste very well. It even has a bad odour.  So it is with man. That what lies within his own heart is the determining factor for his actions and reactions to life’s happenings. Many people have been walking around with bacteria-filled water inside of them. It prevents them from seeing and reaching beyond themselves. They do not feel very well inside, so one can understand if their “odour” is not so fresh. Sadly this odour impacts others around them in a negative way.

I encourage those who’ve been walking with impurities in their own waters for a long time, to throw it out. TODAY!  FINISH with what has been causing you so much pain. Stop carrying it along with you. Stop blaming those who’ve hurt you in your past. Yes, they may be guilty, but just let them go within your heart. Free yourself from a life of captivity NOW! The more you say, “It’s their fault that my life is so unhappy”, the more I’ll keep saying, “Forgive and set them free of being a chain around your own heart!”

True forgiveness is to forgive someone who does not deserve it. 

Our heavenly Father did exactly that for us. Did we ask Him forgiveness before He sent His Son to the cross as a sign of His forgiveness? Why can’t we do it too? If you are waiting for someone to apologize to you for hurting you, you may have to wait your whole life long.

Broken people hurt others. Wounded animals wound.

However, you have a choice TODAY to turn your back on the past and if you need to say, “I forgive them” 70 times, then keep doing that until you feel free! Forgiveness is not to always have a loving feeling within your own heart – it’s an act of your will. A decision of the mind.

Now that you’ve emptied your well from bacteria-filled water, come drink daily, I repeat, daily, from Yahweh’s fresh living waters so that your own well can become pure. The written Word is ALIVE with His breath, it speaks into your soul, it soothes and refreshes like no other book. And when you’ve drunk from this everlasting well of pure water, the water from your own well will be refreshing to both yourself and others. Your heart will become like His, your thoughts will become like His, your deeds and reactions will become like His. Your selfishness will become selflessness. WHAT IS YOUR CHOICE?


Love in Him