Secret Language of God

Dear Friends


Ever heard the words, “You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone”?


What do I have that could be taken from me?

Think about it…

My job, my car, my house, my health, a limb, family, friends, money.

 There is a time to laugh and there’s a time to cry. There is a new season for everything. Things come and things go.  Nothing stays the same forever…or is there?


What do I have that no one can take away from me?

Think about it…

That what’s inside of me.


What is inside of me?

Think about it…

What’s inside of me is hidden, yet I can share it if I want to. It’s my choice to do so.

Every time I share that what’s inside, then that what’s inside of me gets reinforced in my own spirit, heart and mind.

What is it? Think about it…

It’s called the Secret language of God.


Why do I need this secret language?

It’s alive. It brings new understanding every time.

It’s life-giving.

It’s tried and pure, filled with true life stories.

It gives direction.

It helps me to make sound choices.

It comforts.

It increases my wisdom and knowledge.

It helps me to correct my errors.

It disciplines.

It is an indicator of right and wrong.

It equips and strengthens me to handle life victoriously.

It is fixed eternally.

No one can take it from me once it’s inside of me.


What is this?

The Written Word of God. 

2 Tim 3 v 16,17.


Do you just pass by with a quick pop-in into the Word hoping to find answers?

I urge you. Linger longer.

It will change you. It will impact the way you look at life.



Love in Him