Power in Praise

Come all ye faithful servants

Read see and know (1 Thess 5:18)

Thank Me in everything

No matter the circumstance good or bad

Be thankful and express your thanks

For this is My will


How Lord can I give thanks in times of trouble? you ask

My child in doing so you acknowledge I am there in your midst of anguish

You confirm that I am in control and totally aware of the situation

Have I not said I will never leave or forsake you (Heb 13:5)?

Have I not proven that I cannot lie (Num 23:19)?

I am the God who keeps His promises

I let all things work out for good for those who love Me (Rom 8:28)


Come all ye brokenhearted souls

Come all ye anguished torned ones

Express your thanks for the pain the situation causes you

Don’t wish it away but give thanks and praise for it

What seems to be a problem to thee is none to Me

Don’t try to give me the solution, leave it up to Me

For I know it all I know it all