January 2017

Dear Friend

Starting the new year, 2017, I asked God what it is that He’d like me to share as a new year’s entering message. He directed me to a piece I wrote in my book, I believe in you. Here are some extracts of it :

How do we endure and overcome as a Kingdom firm-footed soldier ?

1          A firm-footed soldier KNOWS HIS CALLING. He is called to fulfill a specific position as part of a greater army. Jesus knew the reason of His purpose and obeyed it to the very end. That’s why He could overcome and prove His authority with His resurrection. Understanding and walking in our calling will take us through to the end.

2          A Kingdom firm-footed soldier is physically FIT and DISCIPLINED in spirit, mind and body. He knows the importance of staying healthy on all three these levels in order to endure and to conquer. A Kingdom soldier is set-apart in his ways. He knows on Whose side he is (spirit), his mind is focused (soul), and he follows a set-apart diet (body). This way he is better prepared for the difficult journey. Think of Daniel in the book of Daniel. He and his three friends followed a specific diet and refused to be defiled by the rich foods that king Nebuchadnezzar had offered them. The result and benefit was that they were pure, healthy, and could hear the voice of God very clearly. They had better knowledge, wisdom and understanding than the magicians and sorcerers.

3          A Kingdom firm-footed soldier is ARMED. He wears armor called salvation, righteousness, faith, truth, Word of God, readiness (he is well prepared) to share the gospel (Eph 6). He abides by the guidelines he was given (Bible). It is the lamp to his feet. He stays strong and encouraged by uttering the truth of the Scriptures. He knows the power of praying out loud. He knows the power of loudly quoting from the Scriptures by saying, “I declare, for it is written…”..

4          A Kingdom firm-footed soldier ENDURES to the very end. On his tough journey he abides by six endurance keys : humility, faith, persistence, praise, self-discipline, obedience. He does not lose hope but is encouraged by Proverbs 24 v 16, “For a righteous man falls seven times and rises again.”  He gives thanks to God in all circumstances, good and bad (Eph 5 v 20).

5          A Kingdom firm-footed soldier is MOTIVATED BY LOVE. Love keeps a soldier going, it makes him strong. It gives him encouragement to endure when he knows he is loved by someone waiting for him at home. Passionate love is like an energy-rush. Think of a loving relationship between man and wife. Think of the motivational effect a love letter from a wife who is far away, has on her soldier husband. Her declaration of her love for him keeps him going strong and visa-versa. This love needs to be kindled all the time for it to stay strong. It needs to be communicated regularly. Love is powerful. It empowers us to go through all kinds of trials and tribulations. Do you declare your love to your Beloved ?

6          A Kingdom firm-footed soldier aims to SATISFY HIS COMMANDER. A soldier aims to satisfy Him who has enlisted him (2 Tim 2 v 4). Revelations 7 v 15 reads that those who belong to the Father worship Him day and night for this satisfies Him. We need to make it a lifestyle so that when we feel downhearted or defeated at times, we need to immediately seek His face and honor Him out loud.

7          A Kingdom firm-footed soldier is not alone in a war zone, but the soldiers move CORPORATELY. These soldiers are the warrior-bride. They have the heart of the Bridegroom yet the tenacity of a warrior. Together they have strength and together they shall overcome. Stick together as His body, unite as one in Spirit, share with one another, encourage and guard over one another. United they shall stand !

Love in Him