Our Father Who art in heaven, Who are You?

Who are You Father?

Man has but a slight idea of My creating magnitude. Man is My creation, I am not the creation of man. Man is merely the clay and I the Potter. The clay cannot tell the Potter what to do or fulfil the role of the Potter (Isa 29 v16). The sheep recognize the voice of the Shepherd  (Jn 10). I reveal Myself to those who truly seek My face. The more you soak into My presence and hear My voice, the more you get to understand My heart. Get to know My heart and you’ll get to know Me. 

I am the Heavenly Supreme Deity, multi-faceted and multi-dimensional One Who cannot be contained. I am unpredictable and unconventional. I have infinite variety and many-sided wisdom (Eph 3 v 10). I am the deciding factor in your lives, when you think you still want to decide I have already decided for you. Sometimes I will allow you to take a detour due to a wrong decision you’ve made, yet I’ll always bring you back to My original plan. I am all Spirit and those who worship Me are to worship Me in spirit and in truth (Jn 4 v 24).

Heaven is My throne and earth is My footstool (Isa 66 v 1). Savour these words for a moment. Can you imagine how big I am?

There was a time once when the Father lifted me, Rishon, up in the spiritual realm to where He sat in heaven. He then made me look down to the earth from His high position. I was amazed to see people looking like millions of small ants rushing in a frenzy to and fro, constantly being busy in search for something and without direction. Is this not what is currently happening in the world? Far too many people have no direction in life, they’re frantically searching for happiness and fulfilment, and move further away from their Creator. How ironic is it not that creation flees from their Creator, thinking they can cope without Him and even play god!

I am light and in Me there is no darkness (1 Jn 5). I am clothed with honour and majesty. I cover Myself with light as with a garment. I stretch out the heavens like a curtain. I am the Illuminator of My people (Isa 60 v 19, 20). I am the light of men (Jn 1 v 4, 9). I have supernatural power and I do miracles. Only those who sit with their ears intimately close to My mouth will hear what I have to say. Only those who are consumed by My truth will discern accurately in the spiritual realm. I cannot be pinpointed and boxed in. My magnitude stretches far beyond the ends of the earth. I make My own choices and am not dictated by man, yet I am full of loving-kindness and mercy towards those who love Me. I am far greater than what you ever can imagine. I am the beginning and end, the source and oxygen of life, the steadfast Victor of all victors.I AM the I AM.


Love in Him