February 2015 

Dear Friend

Who will ascend to the mountain of the Lord ? We will ascend to the mountain of the Lord, generation pure and holy!

I won’t bow down to the idols of this world ‘cos my heart belongs to You. My voice will cry out and forever give You praise, my King of glory !

As I’m listening to these words of Johnny Lenox’s song, Ascend, a picture of an aeroplane comes into my mind.  I realize with lift-off, maximum horsepower is required.

As things around us are accelerating, God wants us to fly in higher spiritual dimensions. We are squeezed by the world, oppressed or even killed for our faith. Today I want to encourage you dear friend, that some might be hedged in, but low and behold, we are not crushed ! Some suffer, but we shall not be driven to despair. We are pursued, but we shall not be deserted. Some are struck down, but never struck out and destroyed (2 Cor 4 v 8-10). For we declare  – IT IS WRITTEN !

Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty (2 Cor 3 v 17). No one can touch your spirit unless you allow them to.  No one can quench your vigour (energy, enthusiasm) unless you allow them to !  I encourage you to not lose heart, grow weary and faint in acting nobly and doing right (Gal 6 v 9).

With lift-off the most horsepower is required , however this is also a time of feeling slightly fragile, a time which requires us to be buckled-up, a time when our nerves tend to be a little on edge, a time when the plane makes the most noise, vibrating and possibly rocking a little as it strains to get up into the air. This effort requires immense power. This is often the time we’d wonder whether we made the right choice getting onto the plane in the first place. This is the time when most people experience either tension or excitement or maybe even both.

Think about it : Those who fly the highest are those who’ve strained forward with God’s powerful presence within them, pushing on through the clouds, and as they gaze from above they see things from a different perspective.

Then later as we fly downwards towards arriving at our destination, it brings an excitement knowing that we’re nearly there. The landing however is a quieter experience than the lift-off. It’s more of a glide until it reaches the ground, but in the attempt to slow down the speed of the plane, while buckled-up, nerves once again are pricked, bringing a thrill to some or tension to others who anxiously pray for the plane to come to a safe halt.

The question is, when does a plane crash ?  Mostly when the captain loses control of the plane.

Dear brother and sister, when God is our Pilot, His plane will never crash. His lift-off and landing is always perfect. There might be rocky parts here and there, but it’s all part of the flight towards your destiny. So, as you ASCEND into higher spiritual dimensions moving forward, don’t let fear overtake you at any time on the journey! No matter how many crashes we hear of, how many deaths surround us, HE will not let HIS destiny plan through you, come to nil ! Those who endure to the very end shall REIGN with Him (2 Tim 2 v 12).

SELA …..Go meditate on this.

Love in Him