September 2014 
Dear Friend

Have you ever meditated on the following scripture ?

God is not impressed with the positions that men hold and He is not partial and recognizes no external distinctions…Gal 2 v 6.

Maybe we have or maybe we have not taken much notice of this word, yet there still seems to be a continuous existence of believers in whose hearts the opposite dwell. All hearts are unveiled to the Father (Heb 4 v 13). We stand naked and defenceless to His eyes, yet for those whose hearts conform to the heart of the King, they stand as transparent Godly witnesses to those around them. Those are the ones who do not preach themselves, but Jesus Christ as Lord. They know they are His servants…even Sons. Those are the ones who possess the treasure of God’s nature within their own hearts, knowing that they are mere vessels of the grandeur and exceeding greatness of the power which is from God and not from themselves (2 Cor 4 v 5 -7).

As we move higher up the spiritual mountain, moving deeper into His holy of holies, living intimately with Him day and night (Rev 7 v 15), we lose ourselves in Him – His presence within us overtakes the self-centeredness within us. When we’ve lost our worldly reputation, there is nothing left to boast in ourselves, but only to boast in and about the Lord !  While Jesus was still on earth His reputation was insulted by the persecution of Pharisees, yet today many years later, His Name still leaves deep footprints in the hearts of many changed lives all over the world.  

What is it that you want to leave behind – a show of entertainment or lives that are transformed ?

What is the purpose of your heart? To receive personal honor and reputation or that the Glory of the Lord may be shown?

Paul himself said in 1 Cor 2 that he did not proclaim the evidence of God in lofty words of eloquence, but in weakness among the people. The Kingdom of God is built on righteousness and humbleness. All things in the Kingdom of God work in the opposite spirit than that of the world. God uses those who seem foolish to the world to be strong. They are the ones who will put the wise to shame – all, so that no mortal man can boast (of himself) in the presence of the Lord (1 Cor 1 v 27-31).

As I too continue to bring my own heart before the Lord, may I encourage you dear brothers and sisters in Christ, to not focus on our own name and title, but to give glory to the Name and title of the King Who has proven His victory over death !

May we start each day by following these words :

Let every person carefully scrutinize and examine

and test his own conduct and his own work. He can then have the personal satisfaction and joy of doing something commendable

without resorting to comparison with his neighbor (Gal 6 v 4).


Love in Him