New Year’s Word 2018

Dear Friend


I asked God what He wanted to say about this New Year, 2018, and this is what I heard:



I have said, I have said, I have said this more than once: A time will come for My people to see Me like never before.  They will seek Me and they will find Me when they seek Me with their whole heart and soul (Jer 29). I will open their eyes to new dimensions in spirit and new dimensions in their soul.

I asked Him what “new dimensions in their soul” meant.

I heard: Emotional maturity, emotional intelligence, that is what I will give them, even emotional purity.

What do you mean by this Lord?

I heard: The past will pass, the new will come. They will live for today (present time).


See definitions below **



He continued to say: I have moulded, I have burnt, I have exposed and I have breathed upon the earth. My winds, My power, My might, in all the weather conditions have I spoken. The scorn on their (mankind) faces will turn into tears. Shame will become testimonies of victory, for they will conquer the past. Darkness is not the light and light is not the darkness. Distinguish between the two, for it looks very similar to many. Discern, discern, discern!



The wall of division will fall. What wall Lord? I asked. I heard: The wall around their (mankind) hearts which is standing between them and Me. Align, align, align! Align your nature to Mine, your character must look like Me. There is no other way to overcome this (old) world, but to align to My character, My conquering heart, for I am the King and you (true believers) are the King’s men. Where I tread, you tread. Where I speak you speak. Where I am silent you are silent. Me, in and through you.



I am building houses, new ones, stronger ones who can withstand stormy weathers and rocky seas. These houses belong to Me. My Name is written on their foreheads (Rev 14 v 1), as Mine whom I publicly will declare as My own (Mal 3 v 17). The bony will become strong. The timid will become powerful. The silent will have a voice. It is a matter of time before I will be recognized, manifested through My kinsmen, who are My own.



Many are still blind and deaf and they see and hear that what the deceiver has been lying to them. A time will come that I will manifest through and from within My people. They (My people) shall be seen for Who I am in them, for I will lift the veil over the eyes of the spiritually blind and break through the seal which has been tightly wrapped around their (deaf) spiritual ears, and I will make them to hear Me, for I cannot be contained. I am the King of glory. I am the Voice (Isa 35 v 5).


2018 will be a year of the spiritually blind to see. A year of the spiritually deaf to hear. They will fight My spirit, yet I will overcome them, for My Spirit searches and tests hearts. I move where no man can move. I move deep within the heart. I change people’s minds and make them do things that no other can. They will recognize Me, knowing that no man could have done it. If those who are My own will move as I move and speak as I speak and do as I would have done, they themselves will stand and watch and see what I can accomplish.


It will be a year of ‘panic-stations’ for those who do not know Me. They will experience losing control over situations, for My hand will be in the situation. They will turn this side and that side, struggling in turmoil seeking and questioning the purpose of their lives, (Luk 21 v 25) yet, when they turn from their wicked ways and turn towards Me, I will open My loving arms wide open to them. I am a God of promise. My no is no and My yes is yes. I have never changed. My terms are all written up, it has never changed: I am to be your first Love above all things and if you say that I am (your first love), I will continue testing you to see if you truly mean it. 



My voice shall increase over the earth. My presence shall increase in power through My kinsmen. Kings will be born and they shall seek out treasures (revelations) from My chambers (Prov 25 v 2). Like a magnet to a fridge, they will be drawn to and be filled with My presence, My presence and Spirit which is within them.



The blue light will be a sign of the new moon rising over the earth. (Gen 1:14-16).

I had no understanding of what this meant and asked God what this meant. He guided me to look up the meaning of a blue moon and this is what I found :

When two full moons occur within one calender month, which is approximately every three years (33 months), the second is called a blue moon. In January 2018 a “blue” moon will occur on the 31st.  A blue moon is rare and unusual only occurs only “once in a blue moon” as the phrase goes. A blue moon has nothing to do with its colour. However, the moon can appear blue under certain circumstances, such as when ash is present in the atmosphere from fires or volcanic eruptions.

I asked God what this would be a sign of. I heard: A shift in the spirit. A new dimension of My fire. Spiritual enlightenment. I believe there is more to it, but this is all God chose to say to me.


** Definitions

Emotional maturity:

Honest, responsible, open, assertive, understanding, emotional detachment, appropriated display of emotion, emotional stability, the ability to see life accurately and clearly and to deal with it.

Emotional immature persons are self-centred, their ability to react to life’s variety of challenges is often impaired, moody, control their way around them, idealize rather than accept things for what it is, self-importance like a child who demands special treatment, blame others for their problems.


Emotional Intelligence:

The ability to identify and monitor one’s own and other people’s emotions, to discern between different emotions and label them appropriately, and to use emotional information to guide thinking and behaviour. One aspect of emotional intelligent people, is that they don’t dwell on the past.

People with low emotional intelligence have difficulty in reacting to other’s negative emotions. They tend to be tone deaf (great deal of emotion is communicated through tone of voice).


Emotional purity:

A pure heart and mind is uncontaminated (clean), where God comes first and where peace and good thoughts dwell..

When emotions toss you back and forth, your vision can be clouded preventing you from hearing God’s voice clearly.


May we go think about all of this and may the Spirit of the Lord minister to us.


Love in Him