01 October 2016


Dear Friend


Personal traumatic experiences, a loss of vision, no clear purpose in life can deter us from standing steadfast in the Lord’s authority.

What else could deter us ?

Could it be the little jackals in the vineyard ?

How do we with a victorious mindset, handle general daily life setbacks, those regular little irritations that want to steal our joy, like car problems, continuous interrupting telephone calls, reckless drivers, rude customers ?

When we look at our challenging circumstances from a human perspective, we may lose our joy, hope and find it difficult to stand emotionally strong. Life is a tough journey, however may I encourage you to continue no matter what. There have been times that I’ve felt discouraged, yet after first going through some emotional turmoil for a short while, I’ve always managed to pull myself together by moving into a “power in praise” mode and I thank God for exactly that difficult situation. I thank Him that He is in the midst of the situation and that His Holy Spirit is the One Who searches and tests people’s hearts.  In praising Him for the bad, my mind actually renews and I start looking at the situation from a different perspective, knowing that no problem is greater than our incredible miraculous God !

Guard your heart against looking around, and looking back but purposefully look at each day as a brand new daybreak, by starting each day afresh. Say to yourself each morning, “Good morning ! This is a new daybreak ! I can’t wait to see what you have in store for me oh Lord !”

Ask God to help you to focus only on today. His time is the real time and that time is now.

Daily living requires a ‘power in praise’ application

A daily ‘new daybreak’ attitude brings victory over yesterday’s troubles

I overcome when I recognize the jackals in the vineyard


May God invigorate you today with new breath and zest for life, with your mind filled with the knowledge that HE is in charge. Go out there today and do all things as if you are doing it for the Lord and not for men.


Love in Him