Dear Friend


How long before you find the Son to enter the Father’s garden?  

How long for you to incline your ear to His waiting mouth, His whispering voice?

How long will it be before you linger longer?


The heart – meeting point

The heart – the meeting point between you and the Father. Within the heart is where He will find you and where you will find Him. It’s here where you’ll meet one another – on the inside not the outside. You’ll not find each other in the rush of life’s traffic. You’ll not find each other in life’s busyness and restlessness. You will not find each other in the riches of the world, the excitement of society’s pleasures. Deep within your own heart is where you’ll unite. It’s here where life’s Core lies hidden waiting to be discovered, where Life is consumed and made your own, from where Life runs into your veins, bringing oxygen to your blood, life to your dead bones.


Linger longer

Seek until you find. It’s not enough to only find the gate (door). Tiptoe deeper into His garden with joyful expectation. Move deeper into His hiding place filled with loving streams of divine insights. Once you’ve found Him there, linger longer. Don’t peep in to only rush off to life’s busyness and self-acquired responsibilities. “Why?” you might ask when your time is so limited. Receiving new revelation requires an eye that looks with intention, an ear that listens with intention, and an open heart that waits on the Lord. Those who seek Him passionately, who enquire and wait for His answer, are those who shall change and fly like eagles (Isa 40 v 31). What is the significance of being like an eagle? An eagle is one step ahead of those who look straight into the ground, head bent down seeing nothing more than the ground. No vision, no hope, easily discouraged. An eagle sees far, it looks at situations from above, from a heavenly perspective. It sharply discerns the true nature of situations. It acts swiftly. Eagles don’t get faint. Eagles don’t quit!

Want to overcome trials and tribulations? Learn to linger longer. Linger longer in His presence.

Linger longer in His presence, with an open heart ready to receive what He so dearly wants to impart to you. Purposefully create looooong private moments of intimacy with Him. In His garden He cultivates your spirit, your soul and brings peace within your heart. Let spirit meet spirit so that your eyes become His eyes, your ears become His ears. Why? It’s God’s mandate that we look and act like Him. God sent His Son for us to see what He looks like in nature and how we are to act on earth. When we conform to His nature and do what we are called to do, His dream with and through us is fulfilled on earth. Without His presence and resurrection power within us, we would be unable to live in victory over every challenge that comes our way.


You have His attention but does He have yours? What will it take to get your attention?

Will you linger longer?


Love in Him