13 February 2017


Dearly Beloved


This morning as I am seeking the face of God I am hearing the following words,


“ I am Who I say I am. I am the same today, yesterday and tomorrow. My nature never changes. Neither does My grace. My no is no, My yes is yes. I am Who I say I am.


I see from here to there and from there to here. My eyes roam the earth. Is anything hidden unto Me ?


I know man from the inside out. I know his thinking, I know his doings, I know what is in his heart. I am the Furnisher of the house, which is man. I am the Foundation upon which the house stands, yet does man seek Me ? Where is he that I have made, that I have formed, that I have breathed into ? Where is this man ?  I call and do you heed ?  I demand and do you obey ?  I give signs and do you see ?  I love but do you love ? My eyes are on man yet on what are the eyes of man ?


Many answers hide in My written Word, messages that are missed, for your eyes and minds are on yourselves instead of on My higher things. You see with your own eyes instead of with Mine. Meditate, meditate, meditate on Me. Come into My chambers, receive My hidden secrets. Allow Me to reveal greater things unto you. Empty yourselves from all that is not of Me. Allow Me to fill you with My presence, My nature, My words. I am a River that never runs dry, a Spring in the wilderness, the Dew of a new day.


The heart is the meeting point between you and I. I am found within the foundation of this house, which is you. I am where My heart is and My heart is found in you. You will find Me there when you delve in search for Me like a hidden treasure. I hide Myself for the righteous to seek Me out. It is here where I will find man and where man will find Me. It is here where we meet each other… inside Our heart…our heart that is one. We will not find each another in the rush of life’s traffic, not in life’s anguishes and restlessness. Man will not find Me in the pursuit of riches, the excitement of society’s pleasures. It is only in the quietness of a heart moment that We shall meet. It is here where life’s core lies hidden waiting to be discovered, where Life is consumed by you and made your own. It is here from where Life runs into your veins, bringing oxygen to your blood, Life to your dead bones.


I am Who I say I am, the Founder, the Fountain, The Core of Life, the heartbeat inside of you.”


As the Bridegroom calls His bride she recognizes His voice, and because of her love for Him she gladly yields and enjoys His loving caresses to her spirit and soul. A harmonious flow of love exists, together with everlasting filtrating life refreshments which are her Bridegroom’s love attentions. There is peace within her – truth in her spirit, and truth in her soul. Her body yields to her spirit and becomes one with Him. Bride and Bridegroom living life in full and reigning together in perfect harmony.


Dear friend and beloved are you able to sing, “It is well within my heart ?”



Love in Him