His eye is an encompassing compass


I don’t know it all,

but I know through it all

Your hand carried all that I am.

Your eye is my encompassing compass.

Mark Zion



Dear Friend    


“Your eye is my encompassing compass” – this sentence catches my eye, in fact it catches my heart. As I brood on this, it starts to speak to me all the more. I ask God, “What is it that You want to say about this Lord?”

I hear, “Pack your bags, get ready to go. I will re-route you. I will re-direct your steps to where I want them to be, not where you thought it would go. Look into My compass”, says the Lord. I ask,“How do I look into Your compass Lord?” “When you look into My eye”, He answers.

To look into His eye, you need to move pretty up close, would you not say? Pretty VERY close, intimately close. When my eyes connect with His I see what He sees. It takes only a split of a second to have a breakthrough moment of greater understanding, yet why does it take us so very long before our eyes connect with His? Where are our eyes looking to? Are they diverting left or right, looking to others, ourselves or even backwards to our past mistakes? Are we looking to God for answers or are we blaming others or even the devil for finding ourselves in a state of confusion? Wondering why doors are closing and wondering why we can’t seem to move forward?

Then I hear, “I am the way the truth and the life and yet you forget that!” Not only is He, Yeshua, the door itself, He is the One pushing the door open to show us the way, FURTHER than what we now cannot see. Are we pushing the door or is He?

We can get so busy that we sometimes lose track of “true north” and find ourselves being frustrated and confused. That is then EXACTLY the time when we need to STOP with what we are doing. As they say, “if all else fails, go back to the manual” or “go back to the drawing board”. This last phrase has been used since WW2. It means a design has failed and a new one is needed. A drawing board is an architect’s or draughtsman’s table, used for the preparation of designs or blueprints. A blueprint is a pattern, showing how something is supposed to look like and work.

The success of a blueprint lies in conforming to the requirements. Whose – yours or His? Go check that in your own heart.

God promises in Jeremiah 29 v 12-14, that we are to call upon Him and He will hear and heed us. When we truly seek Him as a vital necessity, He will make sure we find Him and He will release us from the position of captivity that we find ourselves in.  A synonym for captivity is ‘confinement’ and even ‘imprisonment’, in other words a place where you cannot get out of.

So if this is your life, where you are stuck, STOP! Go into the Corner of Intimacy to look deep into His eye. Lay down the plans you had, hand it over and ask Him for new direction. Careful now not to run ahead again. Learn to WAIT for His answer and only then do you move out. His choices lead to ETERNAL impact, our own choices might not. 

The key words are SEEK – WAIT (on Him to answer) – CHANGE (what He wants to bring through you).


Love in Him