Hiking Regulations


  • All hikers agree that they undertake hikes at own risk.
  • Take note : On certain of the hikes Rishon will not be the hiking leader. Individuals with her will form part of a greater group of hikers which is led by a qualified hiking leader.
  • Rishon will not be held responsible for, and shall be exempt from liability in respect of any loss, damage, injury, accident, or inconvenience to any person and or his/her personal property. The onus is on the hikers or passengers to arrange for their own insurance for any medical costs, personal accident, personal effects whether it be damage and/or loss of same.
  • Before the hike starts the indemnity form must be signed by each hiker. Bring the following: ID number, friend or family contact number and medical aid details (if you have) in case of an emergency.


Hiking Fees

No hiking fees unless otherwise stipulated.



Important items to bring along

  • Sufficient water at all times. – 450ml Victory Bottles are for sale.
  • High energy snacks or trailmix, bananas, apples, biltong, hard cheese, crackers.
  • Eggs and oatmeal for breakfast before the hike are good energy providers.
  • Rain gear, cold weather gear and sun gear – Victory caps, string bags are for sale.
  • A cell phone is advisable – only to be used in times of emergency.
  • ID, emergency contact details and medical aid number – compulsory
  • Your own first aid kit with personal medication.


Wear appropriate clothing

  • Footwear – genuine hiking boots or tekkies with good grip soles. Wear thick socks. Shoes must be worn in before the hike.
  • Rain gear – fully waterproof raingear and windproof.
  • Sun gear – full crown caps or hats. Sunblock for sun exposed skin.
  • Loose light clothing that can be layered or unlayered.


Follow the hiking leader’s directions and guidance

  • Sign the indemnity form before every hike.
  • Stay with the group. Do not split off. Keep the person behind you in sight.
  • Let the hike leader know if you experience any difficulties.


Be fit and healthy to hike!