30 June 2014

Dear Friend

Are you or have you ever been, in a situation where you feel so engrossed by a problem, that you find it difficult to focus?  Is or was your heart perhaps filled with questions or fear and not understanding what God is doing in your life – where things seem to be falling apart ?  Yes, I’ve been there too !

As I was taking a walk the other day, the Father started speaking to me about the message I am about to share with you. He calls it ‘Hidden in His heart chamber’.

Let us have a closer look at the meaning of the word ‘chamber’.  It denotes ‘upper room, private room’. In Matt 6 :6 we read of this promise, “But when you pray, go into your (most) private room, and, closing the door, pray to your Father Who is in secret; and your Father, Who sees in secret, will reward you in the open.”

I heard Him say, “You need to first go ‘in’ before you can go ‘out’ ”. A mentor of mine taught me that our private ministry is always more important than our public ministry. The private ministry is the determining factor for our public ministry. If we neglect our private ministry, our public ministry will not last, in fact it will fall apart sooner or later!  All followers of Christ have a ministry, because we all have a Godly calling.

When the heat of our life circumstances increase and our fear levels creep in, we lose focus on Him Who is our Source of all hope. He wants to be the centre of our lives as a permanent solution. Upon questioning Him, the Father told me what lies hidden within His heart chamber, the upper room where we are to go hide from time to time. 


  • In His chamber we SURRENDER AND DRAW CLOSE to God – we pour our hearts out unto Him (Jms 4:8).

  • Going into His chamber CREATES IN US A SEEKING HEART – searching for His heart and answers (Jer 29 : 11-14a).

  • Going into His chamber SETS US APART – from our worldly problem (1 Pet 1:15,16).

  • His heart chamber is a SAFE HAVEN – protecting us from all our fears and onslaughts (Ps 61:3).

  • In His chamber we FIND PERSPECTIVE – taking stock of our own lives, seeing things from God’s perspective and not our own. Is the problem really so big? (Prov 5:1,2).

  • In His chamber we discover NEW INSIGHT – wisdom, a greater understanding of where we are at (Prov 1:5).

  • In His chamber we learn to wait to receive NEW REVELATION and DIRECTION (Ps 19:8; Isa 40:31).

  • In His chamber we find PEACE OF MIND which leads to an outflow of new CREATIVITY – new fresh vision and ideas (Phil 4:7).

  • In His chamber we are PREPARED and EQUIPPED – for our role in the public ministry (Eph 4:12).

  • His chamber is an incubator where our CALLING is defined, and where we are EMPOWERED with His ANOINTING for our public ministry (Eph 4:1; 1 Jn 2:27).

Life without going into His heart chamber is superficial and clouded, preventing us from seeing the greater picture of His will and where He is heading us.  Think of the resilience of an elastic band. It is stretched by the Hand – then it ‘goes in’ and then it ‘goes out’ ! As His Hand pulls the band (me and you) closer to His heart and aiming forward, the further the band shoots forth !

A Kingdom Heart is a heart that firsts enters His heart chamber before conquering greater territories

I leave you with the key to all problems in life –  FOCUS ON JESUS (Yeshua). A breakthrough only comes when we take our eyes off the problem.  How ? By taking a break from our circumstances by entering into His hidden chambers…think about this !


Love in Him