17 July 2016
Dear beloved of the Lord

Have you ever felt prompted by the Holy Spirit to do something and then you wonder if it’s really Him speaking to you?  “Do I really hear His voice?” you may wonder. “Whose voice is it ? His ? Mine ? The devil’s ?”

God says in His Word, “You are not of this world, but I have chosen you out of this world.” (Jn 15 v 19). Who are His own? Those who’ve accepted Him as their Daddy, Jesus as their Saviour and Him Who is called to comfort them, the Holy Spirit. When a shepherd stays close to his sheep they recognize his voice and so it is with Him Who is the Good Shepherd whose sheep recognize His voice (Jn 10). When you hear the same voice over and over you start recognizing that sound and you react to that sound. We are urged in the book of Revelations, “He who is able to hear, let him listen and heed to what the Spirit says.” Look closely to the order of the words – first it is to hear, then to listen, and then to heed, to pay close attention.

How many people do not know the difference between the two ! How many miscommunications take place daily because of a lack of listening. Unless you are physically deaf everyone can hear, but not everyone can listen. Why ?  Hearing is like taking note of a sound in a distance. Listening is standing still, heeding, paying close attention, digesting and internalizing what you are hearing before you react. Far too many react the minute they hear a sound and jump the gun, causing unnecessary miscommunications.  Are you perhaps like this at work ? At home? If misunderstandings take place between man, is it not possible for misunderstandings to take place between man and God? God never misunderstands but what about you ? Do you have a wrong picture of Him because you don’t understand Him ? Because you can’t hear Him ? Because you don’t wait on Him ?

When do I start recognizing His voice ? Surely when I spend time with Him over and over and over again.  How can I trust someone unless I get to know Him ? Why does fear creep in if we say we know Him ? Can it possibly be when I take my eyes off of Him, even if it’s for a short moment ? Is it because I’ve forgotten that He is more than able to bring change in any difficult circumstance ? What is your picture of God the Father  – small or as big as He really is ? Bottom-line get to know Him ! 2 Peter 1 v 3 tells us that when we have knowledge of Him we have divine power which He bestows upon us.

A trusting relationship is built when two people communicate two-ways, not only one way. Who does all the talking in your relationship with the Father ?  No answer is received unless you ask a question and wait for the other to answer. Can you wait on the Father to answer ? Is your mind clogged up with emotional turmoil ? If this is the case, would it not be wise to surrender all that stands between you and God, all those fearful -, angry – or whatever it is that is bothering you emotions ? How can you hear properly, or even listen for that matter, when you feel confused inside of your heart and mind ?

Surrender and or repent of all that stands in the way between your ears and God’s mouth. Humble yourself before God. Resist the devil and he shall flee (James 4 v 7), so that a clear stream of water can flow from Him to you, from His heart to your ears. Neglect Him and you will feel alone. Hear Him, listen to Him and heed to Him and you will never feel on your own.

Love in Him