Dear Friend

When the going gets tough, do you fight or do you take flight ? Do you flee or do you stand firm and face what comes your way ?

I want to encourage you to have a Kingdom heart. The heart of a king searches, cleaves and remains resolute unto the Lord in times of trouble (Acts 11 v 23).  It’s a wise heart that first looks straight up before it reacts. When we conform to the Son’s character of wisdom, we are able to react differently to what comes our way.

Having wisdom gives you the benefit of having (a) confidence, (b) discernment, (c) discretion , (d) favor (e) peace and (f) His protection, and many more (Proverbs 1 – 4).

As someone once said, “Do you react or do you reign?” Even the great King David had times of anxiety when he fled for his life from Saul, yet he constantly turned His heart towards the Father, knowing that God would protect him. He had a revelation of the greatness of His Father, therefore he never boasted in himself but in His Lord (Ps 34 v 2).

Referring to the word FIGHT, it’s important to ask the Father when do you need to speak the word of truth in the power of God, with the weapons of righteousness (2 Cor 6 v 7) or when do you need to just step back in prayer.

By surrendering your own carnal sword unto the Lord, by asking Him to fight on your behalf is an act of wisdom.  Do not underestimate the power of the Holy Spirit, for the Spirit searches and tests hearts.  There have been times that I’ve had to first speak out, and then step back in prayer. Other times I’ve just had to pray right from the start. I’ve seen many a people change because of His Spirit of truth Who convinces and touches areas in people’s hearts you’d never expect, even in the hardest of hearts. (Rev 2 v 23b)

Do you take the sword into your own hands or do you consecrate your sword unto the Almighty?

Some of you might think the word FLIGHT is not applicable to your life. I’d like to ask you, have you ever thought that the following could be things you are fleeing from ?

Self-search /Endurance /Patience /Taking responsibility for your own mistakes in humbleness/ Conflict

I’d like to encourage you to think of such circumstances as a pearl diving experience where you dive deep within your own heart in search for the Father, asking the Spirit of Truth to guide and help you in the areas you avoid. It’s a process of taking a deep breath, diving in and searching for pearls of wisdom and grasping them. Once in hand you surface, gasping for spiritual breath, never to be quite the same again !

How do you react to circumstances you feel you want to flee from ?

When you hear the words, ‘Fight or flight’ think of the Hebrew word for fearless, yirah, which means to revere God. By revering God in ALL circumstances, you’ll find yourself not taking flight, but facing what comes your way, knowing He fights in the background and is able to do far more than what we may ask or think (Eph 3 v 20)!

Love in Him