Events General Information

Rishon hosts various events throughout the year. These events are all victory focused.

-Victory Hiking Events – cancelled until further notice

-Victory Heart Events

-Heart to heart Love Feast – only by invitation

-Kingdom Heart Workshops

THE VICTORY LOGO – A logo with a message       

The logo was designed as a statement that Yeshua the Messiah is the only true Victor. He proved this with His resurrection. By wearing this gear we are His voice, a declaration that He is the Victor and that we too are victorious in Him.

The V –

The big curl on the left signifies our past filled with many testimonies.

The long stretch on the right signifies our victory in Christ and victorious future.

The slight curl at the bottom of the V indicates the turn-around, the change of heart, required to move from defeat to victory.

The Y –

The 3 strips of the Y declares that Yeshua is the Way, the Truth and the Life. He is the only Door and true Victor in life. As He overcame we too shall overcome.

1 Jn 5 : 4 – “He who is born of God is victorious over the world”.



Victory Hiking Events

No hiking events until further notice.


Victory Gear

Victory branded quality products are for sale.

Check out the STORE page. BUY NOW!


Victory Heart Event

See Calendar for next event


Heart to heart Love Feast

This annual small and intimate upper room event is by invitation only. Should you be interested, provide us with your name and contact number on our Contact Form indicating that you would be interested in attending.


Kingdom Heart Workshop

Get a group together and Rishon will host a workshop on Zoom or Microsoft Teams!

    Rishon will also be uploading Kingdom Heart Presentations on Youtube soon!


    Why should you partake?

    Let’s face it – life is very tough ! God revealed this blueprint to Rishon which is a model of what the HEART of the King looks like.  When we  conform to these specific Heart Qualities, we are able to walk out victoriously, no matter what troubles and tribulations await us. Victory is not to get out of a difficult situation as quick as possible, but to overcome it by going through it with a victorious heart. 




      See Calendar. Book now! Bookings for all events to be received no shorter than 7 days in advance.