Does God neglect or protect?


Dear Friend


No matter how much we love God, there have been times that some of us have felt that God has neglected us. The question is, has He really neglected us or does He actually protect us?


When you pray and find yourself having to wait longer than what you’ve hoped for, or when you’re forced out of your comfort zone to do or experience something you felt was not quite what you yourself would have chosen, or when God has led you through life on a different route that what you expected.  How does this make you feel? Neglected? Unloved? Frustrated? Hedged in?


I have felt like this before, just to discover on hindsight, that God actually protected me. One thing I can loudly testify about is that GOD KNOWS WHAT HE IS DOING! I want to repeat this over and over again. GOD KNOWS WHAT HE IS DOING! He has the end-result in mind and He knows exactly how to get us there, if only we would yield unto His many-sided wisdom (Eph 3:10).  We ask God many questions, yet we don’t stick around to WAIT for Him to answer. Every question does in fact have an answer, even if it’s not always quite what we wanted to hear.   


Can you imagine how we would have reacted if we had the ability to see upfront? Some of us definitely would have taken shortcut, others would have simply avoided taking the route God chose. Others would have outright said, “No!” Why? Nobody likes pain, yet pain teaches us lessons…eternal ones. God chooses the purifying route which leads us to the hidden places of spiritual and emotional depth deep within our own hearts. He literally churns the beauty that lies deep within us to the forefront. Few are willing to pay a price. Others are simply impatient. Waiting reveals our true motives. It teaches us to enter into His rest and to increase our faith level in Him.


God gave me a dream a while ago, and I must admit I was disappointed in myself when He showed me my actions.

I dreamt I was inside my house and when I looked out of the window, I saw a flood of water running past the house, as high as half of the window. I was shocked and ran to the backdoor. I then saw my pink cellular phone lying on a rock in the middle of the river. Without any hesitation I dived in like a pro swimmer in an attempt to get hold of my phone. “I’ve got to phone someone for help!” was what went through my head.  As I stretched my arm out trying to grab hold of the phone, it disappeared underneath the flowing water. The next minute I felt a body underneath mine. I grabbed hold of the limp body of the little boy, which I estimated was about seven years of age, and swam with him to the nearest rock and perched him sitting up straight and safely on the rock. I then swam to the other side of the river and climbed out safely. I then awoke.


The lesson I heard God tell me was, “What you intended going in for was different from that what I intended to come out of it. My motives and His were different. I was thinking of getting help from a human being, because that’s what phones are for. If only I had stood still for a little while instead of panicking, I would have noticed that the flood river was running past the house and not in the house despite the open back door! God was protecting me right from the very start.  I went in with the aim of helping myself, whilst God wanted me to help someone else.  He ended off by assuring me with this promise, “When you help others I WILL help you!” I had to bow my head in shame. Did He neglect me in times of trouble or did He protect me? You already know the answer.


I’m going to stop right here. This is my story. Yours may be slightly different, yet may my story speak volumes to you today in more than one way.


Love in Him