A message for the FAMILY Mountain

01 December 2016


Dear Friend


Do you know your archilles heel ?


In the physical your archilles tendon attaches your calf muscles to your heel bone. In the spiritual an achilles heel is referred to as a weakness or area of vulnerability you have in spite of overall strength, which can actually or potentially lead to your downfall.


Do you have a wound, even an undercover wound, that you thought you had dealt with many years ago ? Do you have something coming up like a dagger into your heart at times when you least expect it ?  Do you react in a way even shocking to yourself because this undercover wound was either purposefully or unintentionally triggered by someone ? No matter how we have spiritually matured we all have an archilles heel.


During the writing of my first book, I believe in you, the Lord made me take note of the effect of trauma in our lives. Trauma can have a debilitating effect on people, it can cause your body and mind to react in ways you would not expect. Trauma makes you lose focus on what God wants you to stay focused on. When your archilles heel has been hit, it can derail and traumatize you. Trauma is one of satan’s strategies to divert us from walking in the fullness of God.  We need to take note of this and guard our hearts.


The question is, how should we react when we are hit in our most vulnerable place ?

If you are being hurt by someone :


  • Set yourself aside to get PERSPECTIVE – wisdom is to realize the true nature of things.

Ask yourself if the painful words or actions caused by a person towards you, are the root cause of your pain or only the trigger? If it’s the root cause go back to God’s written Word and find your IDENTITY in what God says about you and not what that person says or makes you feel. Remember wounded animals wound !

If you are unintentionally triggered by another person, remember that the trigger is not to be blamed but rather the root. Keep perspective by knowing the difference between roots and fruits and triggers.


  • If possible try to DISTANCE yourself from the person who is continuously hurting you.
  • PRAY and ask the Holy Spirit to touch that person’s heart and that they will conform to Christ so that their words or actions will change. Also pray the same for yourself.
  • Give TIME for that person to be touched by the Holy Spirit – don’t expect immediate results, yet put your hope in the Balm of Gilead that heals.
  •  FORGIVE 70 times – “The righteous man falls seven times and rises again…” (Prov 24 v 16)


When we get hurt in our FAMILY MOUNTAIN where the stronghold of rejection lies, we unknowingly take our pains with us into the other spheres of society where God has placed us, whether it be the Business-, Religion-, Government-, Media-, Celebration, or Education sphere. Our heart goes where we go, our thoughts go where we go, our deeds go where we go. Think about this.


May God help us all. May we lose ourselves in Him by looking at situations and life through His eyes instead of our own. May we all identify with Christ in all our ways. May we love all in the way He loves us (Jn 13 v 34), for He promises in 1 John 5 v 4, “Whatever is born of God is victorious over the world.”



Love in Him