August 2016

Dear Friend

Sometimes we need to stand still for a while to think and look around us to realize where we are and what we have. We easily get caught up in the rush and demands of life leaving us stressed and discontent. Our eyes and focus can so easily be drawn away from Him Who is greater than every trouble we might have.

As I was reading Deuteronomy 6, 8 and 11 this week I read it with close intent. We are urged to love the Lord with all our mind, heart and with our entire being and with all our might. Some of you will say, “Aaah that’s Old Testament”, however God is still the same God of yesterday, today and also tomorrow. His nature never changes. He will eternally desire for us to love Him first and above all things. Let us learn from the heart attitudes of those in the Old Testament.

If we obey God, love Him with our whole heart and soul He’ll bring us into the land He’s promised us – that place of goodness and no lack. Our house will be full of good things which we ourselves did not fill, vineyards and olive trees which we did not plant ourselves and we’ll eat and be full. However we are warned not to forget the Lord when we come out of the wilderness and experience good times. He took the Israelites out of Egypt and brought them through the wilderness, as He shall help those who follow Him to come out of their ‘Egypt’ as well as through their wilderness period.

God showed me that believers find themselves in one of three seasons. Man can either be in Egypt, a place of oppression and bondage where you are enslaved by that what you’ve not yet dealt with in your own life, or in the Wilderness, set apart in a place of suffering and lack, not understanding why and asking God many questions, or thirdly in the Promised Land filled with provision and abundance. Know what season you find yourself in. The understanding of this will help you to find peace in your heart or to find strategy to overcome and get through all things. God always has a good ending in mind.

My testimony

I’d like to share my testimony with you. As I was meditating on the scripture I realised that Deuteronomy 6 has indeed come true in my life. I’ve come out of ‘Egypt’ and have finished with things that have kept me in bondage. I’ve been through many experiences of suffering in my wilderness period and now find myself in a place where I can testify of God’s goodness. God drew my attention to what is in my house. I see a lounge suite, many wall pictures, a huge mirror, coffee table, desk, CD player, fridge, washing machine, dryer, vacuum cleaner, clothes, handbags all of these which I did not have to labour for but all given to me. I have a house, a next-to-new car, and I even have a medical aid with a ridiculously low monthly premium. Besides that, my dream of living in the Cape, my Promised Land, has come true. Today I live in a street with the meaning “well situated” and in an area with the name referring to “peace” exactly where I want to be.  Number 66 which I see as 12 which refers to victory, reigning, governance, a house on high like a room with a view, as it is small, yet perfect. It faces exquisite mountains, vineyards, olive trees. It’s a place of blue skies and rains and I never lack food. Although I do not have an overflow of finances to do all kinds of luxury excursions except for the extreme odd occasion here and there, my accounts can be paid and I am able to help a few others in need. Although it’s not a case of having an unending supply of provision it is enough for what God believes is good for me for now. For this I say, “Thank you Lord.”  For those unmet needs, I ask and wait in anticipation for Him to provide at a time He deems fit. Being in a good place does not mean to be financially independent from God. No, He still chooses to keep me dependent on Him for everything I need. I’ve received many promises of bigger and greater things to come and I praise Him for being a God of His word. Although I have little in comparison to the rich I am counting my blessings – are you ?

Understand what season you are in

Dear believer, no matter where you find yourself at the moment God knows what He is doing. Understand what season you are in for this will give you hope. Read Deuteronomy 6, 8 and 11 and heed to these words. Be thankful in all circumstances good and tough, and draw face-to-face with God because He loves it. The lengthiness of the testing period is for God to make sure that what we’ve learnt is now engraved on our hearts and for us to never go back to our old ways. Once He’s tested whether we mean when we say we love Him first, He takes us into new places and blesses us. The mistake we often make is to have a particular picture in our mind as to what we think the ideal situation should look like, yet to find ourselves in a place all so perfectly provided by the Father Himself. Let us not have a heart attitude of being unthankful and discontent.  God IS good !  He is true to His word.  He is just testing whether we are too.

Love in Him