02 June 2017


Dear Friend


Bride do you look like your Groom ?  I am prompted to write this today.

I hear God saying : “My heart aches for you My beloved, I wait and wait and watch with a careful eye. I see those who see Me, who search for Me with their whole heart. I know…I know those who are Mine. I know those who truly love Me and I know those who only say they love Me.”


And where I am sitting now, the song of Chuck Girard trails along in the background…

“Talk to Me, talk to Me. I’m waiting in the morning, I wake you up the day. How sweet it is for Me to hear all the things you have to say. How lovely is the music of your heart. Talk to Me my love.  I’ve loved you forever and forever I will be the One who will always love u and when you are with Me how lovely is the music of your heart. Talk to Me my love.

I love to hear your praises, I love to hear you praise. I long to hold you in My arms at night and dry your tears away, so talk to Me, talk to Me, talk to Me My love. Sing to Me, sing to Me, sing to Me My love, My love, sing to Me my love. Sing to Me, open up your heart and sing to Me. Your voice shall I hear in the morning, your voice shall I hear each day and I love to hear the sound of your voice My love, My love, My love, come and sit at my feet, come and talk, talk, talk to Me.”


I ask the Holy Spirit to breathe on me.  I hear,

“Look into My eyes. How can you be like Me if you can’t see Me ? Come close. Come closer than ever before. Come behind the veil, for it is there where you shall find Me and you shall see Me. Be still. Do not talk so much. Listen. Listen to My soft voice. Incline your ear to My mouth and you shall hear Me. You will not find Me in the rush of life’s traffic, or in the noise of the world. Set yourself apart to a place where only I can be with you. Unclutter yourself from all the baggage in your own heart and mind. It’s so simple yet you make it difficult. Just talk to Me. Tell Me that you surrender all. I will take your heart into Mine and all will be gone, for I am the One, the solution to all anxieties, to all problems. I give solutions, I bring hope. If only you’d listen.

Behind the veil we intently look into each other’s eyes, bride and Groom, our eyes lock, My eyes become your eyes, My heart becomes your heart, My mind becomes your mind, My voice becomes your voice. You and I become one. A two way communication exists, harmony between us. As I speak you hear. As you speak I hear. I give, you give. One equals one, Me and you (Jn 17). Think like I do, do like I do. Your heart must be Me.”


“Come talk to Me”, is what I keep hearing as I bring this word to a close. The question is, what are you talking about to Him ? Stop talking about complaints and fears. Talk to Him as you’d talk to your lover, singing harmonious love songs unto Him. He adores it for He is passionate about His darling bride.

Since the foundation of the earth it’s been the Father’s intent that we look like Him as seen through the life of His Son Who came to earth for our sake. He desires that we conform to the standard set by His Son (Eph 4 v 12,13). Let us pattern ourselves on our Groom. Even though we are in this world let us set ourselves apart from the world in our hearts, minds and actions, by going into His Corner of Intimacy, being enveloped by His presence, for it is here where there is love, peace, light,  life.

Seek Him. Find Him. Learn to fall in love again.


Love in Him