Breathe in Breathe out

Come fill my cup oh Lord. Come fill my being with Your presence.


Precious ointment…oil running down your face. Anointing…fresh, powerful.

Seek Me and it shall be yours.

I am eternal. The future is in My Hands. Draw closer…you are still too far.

Come into My peaceful presence. Here you will find My knowledge – Who I am and who you are in Me.


Drink from My well and you shall see what I see, hear what I hear and feel the beat of My heart.

Distressed you are, yet here I am all the time. Nothing troubles Me. I have it all in My hand. I know the end, for I am the end itself. Now is not the end.


I will curb the evil voices, stop the inner torment. I will bring waters of tranquility into your midst.

Come closer…you are still too far.

Allow me to give you nectar to drink, sweet honey combs to suck on. My wisdom refreshes.  

Come taste of it. Now! 


Heartache, unmentioned tears, the hollow in your stomach, the tightness of your breath, I see it all.

Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, breathe out. You have forgotten to breathe…

I am that breath Yahweh. Breathe Yah in, breathe weh out.

I am here…


Love in Him