Attitude in the midst of your fire

Dear Friend


Life is not always what it seems. We look at life the way we are.

Most people would say, “Uuuh Monday again, I hate Mondays. Another difficult day!” My reaction to this is, why on dear earth would you look at this day in this way? Every day is a brand new day, fresh with new excitements as well as challenges. A challenge is not bad when you’re a strategist. Ask God to teach you to be a strategist and you’ll find that you will overcome the challenge. Be inspired by David’s attitude. He said, “For by You (God) I can run through a troop, and by my God I can leap over a wall.” (Ps 18)

What goes on inside of our heart determines the way we look at life. What seems huge to us, is tiny to God. When we’re at the bottom of a dark pit we might only see darkness, yet every pit does in fact have an exit point. Yes, riiiiiiiiight at the top! Yes, getting out of it means looking up. We have a choice – do we stay put or do we start to climb? Our attitude either makes us feel defeated or makes of us overcomers.

God said, “He who overcomes (is victorious) I will grant him to sit beside Me on My throne, as I Myself overcame….” (Rev 3:21).

I emphasize the words, “…as I Myself overcame”.

This is what Yeshua said of Himself. God’s whole plan from the very start was that we’re to have His character and act like Him. He therefore gave His Son, Yeshua, for us to see what He (God) looks like. Our responsibility is to make sure we look like Him. Thinking like He did will cause is to overcome even the toughest trials and tribulations.Some pits are open and others are closed up. Open pits may seem easier to climb out of than those that are closed up, yet lids can be removed and requires a long hard puuuuush. God knows what He is doing. He already has the end-result in mind. He always has a plan that leads to success. It is for us to find it! 

I heard someone say on radio the other day that fear is not caused by a situation, but caused by a person…think about this. Fear or courage is determined by the way we think and look at things happening to us. In any pithole God already has put hidden footholds inside and alongside the walls of the pit. These footholds will help us to climb out of a place of darkness. Even the strongest of us get dishearted at times. Think of the prophet Elijah who feared and hid from Jezebel (1 Kings 19:4). God is in ALL circumstances    (2 Chron 16:9) and with Him there is ALWAYS hope.

We look at life through our heart. The less baggage we carry around in our heart the easier the climb. Throw out to become light. You’ll then be able to move easier.

The starting point to finding the right attitude, is to really believe that Father God loves you personally and passionately. You’re able to believe this when a) you’ve accepted His Son as your personal Saviour and b) especially by really getting to know His character. “How can you trust Me if you don’t know Me?” God said to me one day. And that’s just the point – get to know Him. By not really understanding His grace, His freely-given love, the gift of freedom of being guilty, you’ll find it difficult to trust and believe He wants to help you. God’s heart is for us to live as free people (1 Pet 2:16) – to live with this freedom in our own heart. Conversate with Him all the time, like you’d talk to a trusting partner. Don’t rush ahead. Ask and wait for Him to answer your questions for direction. It must be a two-way conversation.

Take courage! God loves the righteous (Ps 146:8). ASK Him for strategic direction to victory in any given situation. Tell Him you have a good expectation in Him to help you. He truly is trustworthy. I can testify to this. He is the best strategic Partner to have in life. Love Him. Do what He tells you and your feet will move towards better things in life.


Love in Him