25 July 2014

Dear Friend

I’d like to challenge you with the question : Are you seeking, are you waiting and are you changing? This 3-fold question is the starting point and foundation to obtaining a Kingdom Heart. You might ask the following : 

WHY do I need a Kingdom heart ?

A Kingdom heart is to have a heart attitude like that of our Messiah King. He was tried and tested, He listened and obeyed His Father, He endured to the maximum, yet He overcame all trials and tribulations so that we who’ve accepted Him as our Savior, too may OVERCOME all great obstacles in our own lives.  He was God in a human form, our Forerunner, whose life we need to pattern our own lives on (Eph 5 v 1, 1 Cor 11 v 1). Do you have a heart where the King rules ?  Or is your heart full of discouragement and fear?

What is it that we need to SEEK?

Or rather WHO is it that we need to seek ?  God said, “Draw close to Me and I will draw close to you.” (James 4 v 8).  in Jeremiah 29 v 13-14a He urges us to, “Seek ME, enquire for ME, and require ME as a vital necessity and I shall make MYSELF known to you.”

                    Do you seek Him with your whole heart and soul everyday of your life, or only when you are in trouble ?

Do you love Him for Who He is or only for what He can do for you ?

God sees deep into the heart of man, nothing is hidden to His eyes (Heb 4 v 13). This is not to instil fear in you, but that you may understand that your Creator knows you from the inside out and He looks upon you with loving inviting eyes, His own heart full of compassion and grace towards you who have accepted Him as your Savior, and who is no longer under condemnation (Rom 8 v 1).  He is calling out to you too SEEK Him by coming close to Him so that He can share with you ! He wants you to incline your ear close to His mouth so that He may whisper loving caressing words, to you, his beloved son or daughter.

What is it that we need to WAIT for ?

Many believers have so much to say to God, complaining and forever asking many questions, even blaming Him and telling others God does not talk to them? The question is, can they WAIT for Him to speak or answer ?  How can we expect to hear His voice when we keep on talking so much, when ears are required for listening?  We all desire to rise up like eagles yet, how can we, when we cannot adhere to His word in Isaiah 40 v 31 ? 

“But those who WAIT for the Lord, shall change and renew their strength and power; they shall lift their wings and mount up as eagles, they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint or become tired.”

What may prevent me from hearing God’s voice?  I talk too much, I have sin in my life of which I’ve not repented, I have existing disturbed emotions within my own heart eg. anger, pain, guilt.

Can you wait on God to answer?

What is it that we need to CHANGE?

Why does man so often fear to make changes? Why is man so afraid of feeling vulnerable?  Why should we be, when our trust and hope is in Yahweh who is our Helper in all circumstances? If you have a history of pain, eg. a traumatized childhood, this frame of reference could cause you to fear deep within your own heart, causing you to always be in control of your own life and even controlling those around you, then maybe it’s time to change your frame of reference to His opinion of you !  His picture of you is good and always has a positive outcome. No matter what your history looks like, He lets all things work together for good for those who love Him (Rom 8 v 29). It’s your choice whether you’re going to stay clinging consciously or subconsciously onto the past, or to start afresh walking out into the world with a new and Godly frame of reference, which is based on the Scriptures of God  (Col 2 v 18)!

                  Are you ready to make the choice of changing your frame of reference to His Godly opinion of you ?

I end off today’s message with this encouraging and true word :  Those who take their nature from God are His true followers (1 John 3 v 10).

Love in Him