Are you a jiffy jiver?

Dear Friend


Pondering on what I was to write today, the question “Are you a jiffy jiver?” popped into my head. What on dear earth is a “jiffy jiver”?


I’ll start by asking, How do you live life? What are you busy with? What are you thinking of? What are you deeply in search for? What are your expectations of life? Meditate on this until you find answers.

Are you a ‘hyper hunter’, in search of a hype, a fleshly craving for satisfaction, an emotional soother, only to sadly discover your life is still the unexciting dreary same the very next day?  Are you hoping to find fulfillment in and through a loved one, family members, work colleagues or others? Only to be disappointed and perhaps leaving you angry with people or even yourself?

A jiffy jiver looks for a quick fix. He only looks for surface solutions. He looks for something or someone to fill that empty gap within his own heart. A jiffy jiver is impatient, dissatisfied, restless, perhaps gloomy and even unbelieving. A jiffy jiver wants to see his life being fulfilled in a jiffy. His focus is on himself instead of reaching out to others. A jiffy jiver does not walk in his calling. He has forgotten how to live a thankful life.

If you can tick off on this, then maybe you are a jiffy jiver.


The way we look at what happens in our life, is key to our victory and satisfaction. Sometimes we see life not as it is, but as we are. Stop! Read this sentence again. Do you have pain in your heart? Ask God to show the root. Lay it down. Cut the chain that is around your ankle.

You want new zest for life? Bored? Then start to make a plan! Sit and think – be creative. Change your routine. Don’t wait for others to come up with ideas. Look in front of you, not behind you. Only YOU can change direction and the aim is to inspire others around you to come along. No vehicle (you) can move without power. So, what is the source of power we’re talking about here?

If you’re stuck, then it’s time for a SERVICE. This requires new air- oil- and fuel filters, clean oil, spark plugs and fuel. Even new brakes will help in times when you need to stand still for a while, forcing you to wait on God’s direction. Moving forward depends on the power source – the ENGINE. What drives you? What motivates you?


Your engine should consist of two major engine parts:

  • Love – believing how much you are loved by your Heavenly Father 1st, then loving others as He loves you.
  • Truth – not just knowing but applying the truth of the Word, living out your identity and calling on earth

It’s about the APPLICATION of these engine parts that keeps the car moving into the right direction. Let these parts come alive through you!  GET the engine in place. TURN the key. SHIFT the gears. Move! It’s a CHOICE!

Other people can never be our void-fillers. Be busy with what you are meant to be busy with. That what God had in mind for you right from the start (Eph 4 v 1).


Non-jiffy jivers are the ones who find joy in extending themselves beyond themselves, by reaching out to others in love. They live a life of gratefulness. They live each next day as a brand new life. They feel light by letting go of their old baggage. It releases them to move forward. They see disguised blessings in painful experiences, they’ve learnt the skill to be content no matter the circumstances (Phil 4 v 11). They are the ones who find peace in the midst of turmoil. These are the heralds, the harbingers, the forerunnersWho are you?


Love in Him