An Invitation

Dear Friend and Stranger


Discern between yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Which direction are you focusing on?


Yesterday?  Then don’t be surprised when you find a chain around your ankle.

Tomorrow?  Wasting too much time on brooding about things you don’t now have the answers for? Thinking about it so much that you can’t enjoy the moment?

Today?  Are you living in appreciation of every moment of the surrounding God-made beauty and oxygen you are breathing in?

Your choice will determine your outlook in life!


Today I extend this invitation to you.

Let us yield to His mighty Hand to remove all the old cobwebs from out the attic of our mind. Let us close the door of the past behind us, as we step out onto the high verandah of His House, viewing the exquisite scenic distance, stretched out before us – then running towards the vision He has birthed within us.  Like a new daybreak that brings a new ray of sunshine, may He bring life into your being, to live in spirit, soul and body – one harmonious healthy splendor. A steadfast foundation where nothing comes between you and Him, for His love surpasses all other love. His love is perfect and free.  He gives eternal life, for He alone is life. Live then in this life!                                                      

(Extracted from the book, I Believe In you – Rishon Naphtali)


Love in Him