Dear Friend

Am I tired or am I wired?  This was the question I asked myself as I pondered on what message to bring this week.

When the going gets tough, how do we react? 

All of God’s people are challenged by life events from time to time.  Certain times we feel strong, yet other times we feel tired and bemoan our situation unto the Lord.  Either way, I’d like to encourage you to always be transparent with your heart attitude before the Lord, for He is totally aware of what’s going on deep inside of your heart (Heb 4 v 13). Let us cleave and stay steadfast in our love and focus on our Father  (Acts 11 v 23), for He always knows best.  Why do I say that?  The Father once said to me,  The answer lies in getting to know Him and the place where we can start is by going straight back to His Life Manual (Scriptures)!  As we start to get a clearer picture of His greatness (hugeness), it causes us to look with anticipation and from a victorious perspective instead of having a defeated outlook.


When we’re at a T-junction in our lives, when we’re not sure which way to go and what decisions to make, when things don’t run smoothly as we’ve hoped for, experiencing disappointments in people and in how situations have turned out, how do we react?  Do we feel defeated and dishearted ?  Do we turn left or right hoping for the best, or do we face straight up ? Let us chew on this…

Getting wired as we endure

Over a period of 12 years, while I was writing the book, , there were quite a few times I felt like quitting. The journey was just too tough !  Many a time I felt tired and disappointed, crying many a tear. As I was going through particular experiences, the Father revealed to me 6 Endurance Keys. These keys would sustain and keep us ‘wired’ during our walk of life. The word ‘wired’ refers to ‘being equipped, connected, reinforced, strengthened, held together’. 

The Keys of endurance are:  Faith, Persistence, Humility, Praise, Discipline, Obedience

  1. Faith like potatoes – having the faith that huge potatoes would come up even in a time of drought. 

  2. Persistence – to persevere with dedication, purpose, never ceasing to do good no matter the storms that rage around us (Gal 6 v 9).

  3. Humility – Pattern ourselves on the life of Jesus (Yeshua) (Phil 2 v 5, Eph 5 v 1).

  4. Praise in all circumstances, good or bad as Paul did (Phil 4).

  5. Discipline in all areas of our lives – spiritually, mentally, physically – in good and bad times.

  6. Obedience – to the instructions of the Lord leads us to a place of authority (Rev 2 v 26).

Are you perhaps crying a tear within your own heart, grieved by many disappointments ?  Dear friend, I want to say to you today, God our Father sees ahead, He always knows what He is doing for He has the end-result in mind. He is a bigger-picture God and He causes things work together for good for those who love Him (Rom 8 v 28).  So often when He tarries we think He’s deserted us, yet on hindsight we receive the insight that He was in fact protecting us from getting hurt.  He loves us more than we can ever imagine !

On this journey of life where our hearts are being changed as we allow the hand of the Creator to continuously transform us into His image (2 Cor 3 v 18), we need to get wired with the endurance keys.  Applying them will strengthen and sustain us on our climb towards spiritual and emotional maturity until the 2nd coming of the King.