The Ministry

Hi there,

This ministry is all about HEART and specifically how to conform to the victorious heart qualities of Jesus Christ (Yeshua Messiah). Living victoriously is to walk in the authority of God and in the victory of Christ. This is only possible when we conform to the heart standard of the Victor of all victors.

Rishon’s focus is to help people to align their heart to the King’s, so that they can live life victoriously no matter the trials and tribulations. She does this by revealing the Kingdom Heart blue-print which God revealed. She shares her personal testimonies of how God transformed her. She equips, inspires, activates and intercedes for believers so that they can move forward to walk in the fullness of their God-given calling, in whatever workplace God has placed them in society.


Who needs this?  Everybody!

-All believers who want to walk in the resurrection power of Jesus Christ

-New generation believers and emerging (kingdom) leaders

-All believers in various spheres of society – family, education, religion, business, government,
  media, celebration (arts & entertainment, sport)


Are you stuck?

Rishon helps jump-start believers who are at the start of a new beginning. Are you at a T-junction ? In dire-straits? Has your life come to a standstill, leaving you distraught, when in fact a new beginning lies on the horizon? A new vision which God can see, but you don’t?

Nothing seems to work, you’re stuck, you’ve lost your job, your life or business is in dire-straits, you feel God has deserted you or you’re unsure of your calling, you have many questions but no answers? Then it sounds you’re at the end of the old so that something new can enter your life! This new beginning can either be a new business for entrepreneurs, a new job, ministry or a new season you are entering. Something has to first STOP before something new can arise. Time for NEW STRATEGY!


Who is Kingdom Heart Networking?

-A heart ministry based on the heart qualities of the King (Jesus Christ).

-Focused on equipping, inspiring, activating and interceding for all believers to be (a) victors and (b) Kingdom Heart leaders, by conforming to the Godgiven Kingdom Heart blue-print.

-A jump-starting ministry that plays a foundational role in the character-building of all believers and emerging Kingdom leaders.

-An intercession ministry that focuses on heart transformation.

-Plays a role in the establishing of kingdom leaders in kingdom workplaces.