Who is Rishon


In 2002 Rishon received this instruction from God: “Go tell My people that I believe in them. I believe in their ability to overcome trials and tribulations by being transformed to the likeness of My Son.”  Since then she has fulfilled a role in helping believers, especially leaders, to align their heart to the King’s, so that they can walk out in God’s authority and in Christ’s victory.

Her teachings and mentorship specifically focus on the kingdom heart qualities of the King, Yeshua the Messiah. Her teachings are based on a Godly-revealed Heart Transformation blueprint called Kingdom Heart, which include her many personal testimonies. This blue-print is a life-guide to Kingdom Heart Leadership, yet also for all believers.

As a Teaching Prophet, Rishon teaches, motivates, mentors and intercedes for believers to have their hearts transformed as overcomers and Kingdom Heart Leaders. She is called to be like a Nathan to stand alongside kings (leaders).  She is also an Apostolic-Prophetic Intercessor who has a heart for nations over the globe, with her focus specifically on heart transformation.

She is an Author and Founder of Kingdom Heart Networking and has a Baccalaureus in Education qualification. She is a Kingdom Heart Coach to upcoming entrepreneurs, business leaders, ministry leaders and believers who function within various domains of society – Family, Economics, Government, Church, Education, Media, Arts & Entertainment.  She has past experience in the business environment as Marketing Consultant, Executive PA and Small Business Owner.

Her personal motto in life is, Never give up the exciting journey of growth in a productive life.